QUORiON Data Systems : A German cash register manufacturer for retail, restaurant, and fiscal POS systems. The QUORiON products are...

QUORiON Data Systems

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A German cash register manufacturer for retail, restaurant, and fiscal POS systems. The QUORiON products are cash registers, pos systems, fiscal cash registers, retail equipment, pos solutions, pos equipment, tills and pos software.
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infoatquorion [dot] de
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Cordula Rehfeldt, Sales Director
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Privately Held
  • DIN EN ISO 9001


QUORiON Data Systems
An der Klinge 6
Erfurt, Stotterheim 99195
Phone: +49-36204-542-0
Fax: +49-36204-542-12
51° 3' 43.0776" N, 11° 2' 51.8784" E
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QTouch 2

Spoken Language: English, German

Business: E-Commerce, Payment Systems

QUORiON Data Systems develops, manufactures, and sells innovative electronic cash registers< and POS systems. The company headquarters are located in Erfurt, Germany.

Our product range encompasses the entire spectrum from small portable cash registers to sophisticated POS systems. QUORiON markets its cash registers globally in cooperation with selected distributors and partners in nearly 70 countries. Further, we develop marketing strategies for the individual countries and products in mutual agreement with our partners. The seasoned management team has been working in the information technology field for decades and has extensive experience in these activities.

QUORiON builds its business philosophy around highly customized, made to order cash registers. Additional elements include a customer focused approach, quick reaction time towards software requirements and a drastically reduced lead time. QDS acquired a state-of-the-art production facility, ideally located in the heart of Europe. Our location is an integral part of the “reacting quickly to customer demands” strategy.

QUORiON not only produces electronic cash registers, but also offers a variety of products and services to furnish the optimal POS solution for your business. For instance, our clients in fiscal countries place confidence in us, because we make the required changes in our POS software< to fit your country's unique fiscal laws. Moreover, you can select from our complete range of peripheral devices to customize the system you order even further.

QUORiON delivers great flexibility when it comes to brand names as well. Our main brand is the QUORiON trademark under which we produce most of our cash registers. However, under certain circumstances, QUORiON makes the OPTiMA brand name available also.

Lastly, QUORiON offers OEM production in cases where you want to place your own logo on the cash registers you distribute. As usual, QUORiON accommodates your requirements and gives you the choice that provides the best fit.

Today’s cash register and POS system market manifests a variety of manufacturers across the world. With the age of the Internet access to these POS producers has become easier than ever. But HOW do you know which ones are reliable partners or just low cost manufactures with little else to offer?

Over the past decade, QUORiON has established a network that spans over 70 countries - proof of our reliability as a cash register manufacturer. Our partnerships are based on our unique way of doing business as well as distinct advantages that inspire trust and confidence in those that source from us. Here are additional reasons why POS distributors in 70 countries source with confidence from QUORiON:

  • Made to order, highly customized products - you buy what works for YOUR market.
  • No minimum order quantities – no need to invest in large inventory. Stay as flexible as market conditions require. Order as needed.
  • Flexible Payment Options – we accept money transfers, CAD, or L/C.
  • Personal customer service - easy change request and order handling as needed.
  • Warranty – we offer spare parts valued at a negotiated percentage of the total order value. Many fiscal countries require spare parts to be on stock for several years. We can make such guarantees, if you need it.
  • Long term partnership philosophy and objective.
  • In-house & online support and training, if you need it.
  • OEM logos for those who want to sell under their own brand names. Available by request.
  • We offer self assembly kits for those countries that require goods to be assembled locally or charge high tariffs on imports. Available by request.

Standard cash registers no longer suffice for today's complex business requirements. Should you not also rely on dependable POS equipment to achieve an efficient, smooth running business? QUORiON has exclusively focused on the development and production of intelligent POS systems.

Take advantage of features such as cash register customization, networking, fiscal law compatibility, remote management functions, reporting, and much more! A wide selection of POS accessories rounds out our offer to address your unique business needs.

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