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The Local Bike Shop Experience You Deserve, choose from our selection of the finest bicycles for the road and the trail.
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Santa Monica Mountains Cyclery
21526 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, California 91364
United States
Phone: 818-453-3204
34° 10' 5.1456" N, 118° 35' 56.958" W
Jamis has grown into a powerhouse in the bicycle industry.
Ridley bikes is Belgium’s leading bicycle manufacturer.
Every Intense bicycle is hand-made in Temecula, California.
Colnago is Italy’s most prestigious bicycle manufacturer.

Spoken Language: English

Business: Consumer Goods and Services, Cycling

The Local Bike Shop Experience You Deserve.  Come visit our Woodland Hills store and choose from our selection of the finest bicycles for the road or trail.

In our Woodland Hills store, we present a selection of the finest road bikes and mountain bikes available, as well as quality bikes for getting around town and to and from work. We have an extensive selection of clothing, parts, and accessories – everything you will need to get riding safely, quickly, and stylishly down the road or trail.

We have done our homework to offer you a selection of the finest bicycles from the top manufacturers. But if the right bike for you is not already in the store, we will work with you to select the right components to build the bike of your dreams.

When you purchase a bike from the Santa Monica Mountains Cyclery, you become a friend of the store. As a friend of the store, you are entitled to many benefits:

You will receive a complimentary classic bike fit. Or, receive a reduced price for a state-of-the-art

  • Three dimensional motion capture bike fitting.
  • You will receive complimentary tune-ups for the first year of ownership.
  • You will help make our local mountains cleaner and greener. We donate 5% of pre-tax profits to.
  • Organizations that benefit our local mountains and maintain our trails.
  • You are invited to stop by any time after a ride for a complimentary cold bottle of
  • Hammer Recoverite recovery drink.
  • You are invited to stop by any time for a complimentary cup of Nespresso coffee.
  • You will receive a complimentary RoadID.

We offer you the best and biggest selection of road bikes and road bicycles. There are many road bikes in our selection so you can definitely find a suitable road bike that meets your needs:

  • Jamis bicycles: From their beginnings as a modest regional distributor of imported European bicycles and parts in 1937, Jamis has grown into a powerhouse in the bicycle industry. It is now one of the oldest, largest bicycle companies under original family ownership in America. Jamis has concentrated on doing what they do best designing and building the kinds of bikes riders want to ride.
  • Litespeed bicycles: Litespeed has a great reputation as an experienced titanium manufacturer. Litespeed is touted as the world leader in cycling technology, pushing the envelope of cycling technology development.
  • Colnago bicycles: Colnago is Italy’s most prestigious bicycle manufacturer. Since 1954 Colnago’s determination to perfect the competition bicycle has been legendary.
  • Time bicycles: Time bicycles are the pride of France. Utilizing a level of expertise in carbon technology that is typically reserved for military aircraft, Time creates bicycles of unparalleled weight, stiffness, speed, and comfort.
  • Ridley bikes: Ridley bikes is Belgium’s leading bicycle manufacturer. All Ridley frames follow one design philosophy ‘FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION.’ Every tube shape, frame construction and geometry is chosen for a specific reason. Ridley bikes are known around the world for their reliability, stiffness, and strength.
  • Intense bicycles: Every Intense bicycle is hand-made in Temecula, California. Founded in a garage in Lake Elsinore in 1991, Intense has grown to world renown while maintaining their focus on their high quality craftsmanship. Each frame is hand made with the same quality and consideration a mother would bestow upon her newborn child. They welcome all riders to visit their factory for a tour.
  • Yeti bicycles: Yeti's goal is simple - to make the best high-end mountain bikes available.

The Santa Monica Mountains Cyclery has full-service maintenance and repair capabilities for all types of bicycles. Our highly qualified, experienced, and friendly mechanics are ready to help you with everything from a flat tire to a complete rebuild or overhaul. Here is a sampling of our available bicycles services:

  • Basic Tune-Up
    • Our basic tune-up includes adjustment of the headset, bottom bracket, front and rear hubs, adjustment of both derailleurs, lubrication of pivots, cables, housing, and chain, adjustment of both brakes, truing and alignment of both wheels, a torque check on all nuts & bolts, and of course,inflation of tires to proper pressure.
  • Deluxe Tune-Up
    • Our premiere tune-up includes everything above plus removal and cleaning of the drivetrain – the derailleurs, crank, chain, and cassette.
  • Overhaul
    • An overhaul includes everything above plus overhauling and re-packing all bearing surfaces, a complete strip down and cleaning of the frame, as well as replacing cables and brake pads.
  • Frame Swap / Custom Bike Building
    • Assembly from the ground up.
  • Custom Wheel Building
    • We will help you to pick out hubs, spokes, and rims to have wheels custom built to suit your riding style.

The Santa Monica Mountains Cyclery is home to a state-of-the-art bicycle fitting system called Retül. Retül is the most advanced bicycle fitting system available today. The system incorporates an amazingly precise three-dimensional motion capture technology, immediate report capability, and millimeter-specific digitizing tool to provide the most accurate dynamic fitting solution in the industry.

bicycle fitting system

Every cyclist has unique biomechanics. Riding a bike that is not properly fit can cause frustration, pain or injury, and ultimately causes the rider to put the bike in storage where it starts collecting dust.

Perhaps you already own a bike and your position is not optimized, causing you to underperform. Whether a rider is on an $800 commuter bike or $8,000 performance race machine, a proper bike fit is essential. When it comes to the biomechanics of fitting a rider to his or her bike, little ‘tweaks' can be very significant. A proper bike fit not only will provide you with the most economic means of expending energy, but will also prevent pain that is common in the knee, hip, and lower back, particularly with riders who are trying to adapt their bodies to the bike they have purchased.

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