Scraps Industries, Inc. : When it comes to plastic scraps, we are leading supplier as we have been in industry for decades now....

Scraps Industries, Inc.

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When it comes to plastic scraps, we are leading supplier as we have been in industry for decades now. Furthermore, we are having LDPE film rolls, these moreover are ongoing and we’re seeking for potential buyers as we have good price.
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salesativorypharinc [dot] com
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Brandon Rhine CEO
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Ivory Phar Inc. Com
1635 Jersey Ave
North Brunswick, New Jersey 08902
United States
Phone: +19735562759
40° 7' 30.252" N, 74° 30' 39.096" W
Ivory Phar S.A. de C.V.
Omicron 8116 Ciudad Industrial Mitras
Garcia, Nuevo Leon
Phone: 8183810011
We offer ongoing of scrap material and we have aluminum wheel/Rims available to be procured ongoing.
We sources aluminum scrap from hundreds of our local vendors and we have ongoing of UBC scrap for sale
Electric motor scrap for sale are available to be procured at our esteem company
PU foam scrap for sale could be procured at our esteem company at af
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Spoken Language: English, Spanish

Business: Import and Export, International Business and Trade

(website: is a leading scrap trading company. Exporting various types of materials that includes plastics scrap, paper and aluminum. We have our yards and have been in the scraps industry for decades, exporting globally with no hesitation. Our plastic material available includes LDPE film bales, LDPE rolls; our LDPE is clean and clear 100% and we also have grades in differ along with colors. Are you looking for scrap LDPE? We can be your potential supplier. Furthermore, when it comes to HDPE plastic scrap; we lead the industry as we have a variety of types of HDPE. Milk bottles bales and regrinds; is available and ongoing. Plastic blue drum HDPE, we also carry out that and 100-150MT can be supplied monthly. We hereby seek plastic scrap buyers as we are looking to expand our business with new potential customers.

Meanwhile, we supply various types of plastic LDPE film in good quality to our customers and we have LDPE rolls/bales ongoing available. Furthermore, we’re born with vision when talking about plastic scraps and our mission is to be your most trusted supplier whenever in need of plastics. Nevertheless, we endeavor to provide our customers with the best quality since we’re building relationships across the globe and our main priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Regarding the LDPE plastic scrap, availability of bale rolls, 100% natural LDPE is available and ongoing. The application of LDPE films comprising variety packing such as food and non food packaging and also other packaging. Besides the Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), we also have HDPE film in bales and HDPE rolls scrap.

Moreover, since we handle a variety of plastics scrap and HDPE includes these. Regarding the High-density polyethylene (HDPE) scrap, we have several types available and ongoing with us and such are HDPE Blue Drum, HDPE milk bottles scrap, blue drum regrinds and HDPE films in bale and rolls. Talking about the scrap, our HDPE drum consists of waste consumers and is blue in color. Also, we have white, and it’s packed separately in each color. Nevertheless, we also have HDPE drums in mixed color. Moving on to the milk bottles, those are used HDPE milk jugs and are washed with warm water, very clean material and also, we have HDPE mixed bottles in bales.

Finally, our intention is to seek buyers as we have HDPE, LLDPE/LDPE ongoing available. Are you looking for low/high density polyethylene scrap in any type? And then we can be your potential supplier as we're ongoing on those. For more information regarding the scraps, please kindly check our website and contact us along with your requirements, so we may have a chance to serve you better. Mail- salesativorypharinc [dot] com and web:

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