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The search engine optimization authority. Search Engine Optimization Inc offers sophisticated services, ranking, and education. Employing only the BEST SEO strategies.’s QR code business card
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Business: Internet Marketing, Marketing and Advertising is the leading authority of Search Engine Optimization, which it delivers through unique Thematic Optimization™ and Information Architecture Optimization™.

The four step strategies we employ include a combination of empower marketers to use data driven discoveries and customer insight to optimize results and maximizing you’re their marketing spend. Our customers are the first to successfully deliver on the vision of more personalized customer-centric experiences, and data-driven creative search engine optimization innovations using our unique technologies and services.

We have experts dedicated to many major industries including retail, media, financial services, and high technology. We have cross-industry teams focused on search engine marketing, behavioral targeting, and data-driven creative optimization. exists for one reason to maximize your success. We are unique because we take a 100% data-driven approach to everything to do. Every recommendation we make is determined by data, making each and every optimization of the highest quality and integrity.

Search Engine Optimization<

Employing only the BEST SEO strategies

As CEO, CMO, or Senior Executive, you are in charge of your online marketing< initiatives. Today, more than ever, you deserve exacting professionalism, thought leadership, detailed benchmarking/reporting, and rigorous search engine optimization ranking efficiency, effectiveness to drive more traffic, revenue to propel you far beyond your competition, and make your brand outstanding online.

Sadly, today’s search engine optimization industry service choices for small, medium, and enterprise organizations can many times disappoint with big promises, but small delivery. The reason is clear, too many firms lack a real understanding of how to service the exacting performance that mid-level to enterprise client’s demand –and have the resources and data to know what it takes to make campaigns reach a level of sustainable excellence. Our experts, who have innovated with Branding Search Engine Optimization™, Thematic Optimization™, and Complex Data SEO Processing™, give you the power and effectiveness to achieve your business objectives.

Search Engine Optimization is your best partner for your SME or large organization was born with the simple premise that our experts 85 year combined search engine optimization track record of leading successful campaigns for SME to enterprise level companies is meaningful to someone like you. That’s why our meticulously customized programs are designed for you with engineered systems, innovative data-driven technologies, and some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, impossible to find elsewhere, to give you the peace of mind to know that you have finally found the search engine optimization company and partner that you can truly rely on for the long term.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Your Brand’s Look, and Feel!

We believe that great search engine optimization doesn’t hurt the brand’s visual appeal and emotional presentation. You have worked hard to position your brand the right way visually, so it is important to not falsely believe that you must abandon your previous time and investment in order to rank. Search Engine Optimization has developed unique technologies and systems to ensure you can avoid losing the visual designs that make your brand special, and at the same time allow you to rank highly for the key phrases that mean real revenue.

Custom Proposal for Search Engine Optimization Services

See for yourself, and request a complimentary SEO evaluation of your company’s web site today, and truly understand why is the most authoritative solution for your company’s need to maximize your search engine rankings, traffic, and revenue potential.

SEO Difference<

Unique SEO services are literally what put on the map. This is where we separate ourselves from the crowded field of organic search engine optimization consultants.

Organic SEO is not a fixed science where anyone can step in and be successful by implementing a cookie cutter approach. Most companies in this industry rely on antiquated SEO methods that simply do not work any longer to produce results. What’s worse is that many of these companies are unaware of many new strategies and formulas which can and will achieve the desired results, which is precisely why customers have to be very careful in deciding who they choose to do this essential work. develops niche solutions for a wide variety of clients. Among the fields we can assist you in specializing:

  • Thematic Optimization™
    • Thematic Optimization™ is the ability to optimize a site to allow for a master implicit meta-theme to run through a series of parent categories. created the process of Thematic Optimization to accomplish this result by ensuring that parent and child directories within a site orient around a differentiated master theme that is consistent with the existing content, which allows for an appropriately advantaged positioning against your competition for generic and industry specific key terms. When executed, the toughest ranking categories can be more successfully overcome through distinctive thematic positioning within the rainbow of variations that Google allows under the semantic availability for the specific key phrase(s) that drive your business.
  • Information Architecture™
    •’s unique Information Architecture Optimization™ maximizes the structure of your website to drive top rankings by ensuring your pages and content are able to be fully indexed (consistently crawled) by the search engine spiders. Second, the manner in which pages link together, especially the use of text links, is critical to help build relevancy for the various keywords that matter. We also study and employ smart, helpful hierarchies for your users to find information from the parent directories to the child directories and organized by vertical category.
  • Complex Event SEO Processing™
    • Complex Event SEO Processing™, or CESP™, is the analysis of search engine and social media event data in real-time to generate fast insight, and enable real-time response to changing conditions. CESP orients around the task of processing multiple seo relevant events, including social media, with the goal of identifying the meaningful data events most beneficial for ranking on specified key terms. CESP employs exclusive techniques such as analysis and detection of complex patterns of many semantic events, semantic event correlation, semantic event hierarchies, and relationships between semantic events such as causality and semantic event-driven processes. CESP discovers information contained in the semantic events happening across all the components of a search engine and then analyzes its impact from the macro level as a “complex event” and then allows to take subsequent strategic action shifts timely to the campaign. A complex event is what one infers from the simple events.
  • Detailed Swot and Competitive Analysis
  • Site Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Strategic Development
  • Structural Optimization™
  • Code Optimization™
  • Content Development & Optimization (including Blog Development)
  • Benchmarking and Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager

What do we mean by data from an event? An event we define as something that occurs. Events occur around us constantly. A price change in the cost of a ticket is an event. A score of a touchdown in professional football game is an event. A new press release is an event. There are also failed events to track, for example an event that failed to occur. A failed-event could be a scheduled new product that did not manifest, or a weather report of sunny, but instead rain occurred.

Today, all of these events accrue data within search engines and social media monitoring applications. We are literally overflowing with event and failed event data that relate to your keyword phrases and niche areas. We are the first firm to innovate on new technology systems that process the value in the patterns of information contained within this overflowing amount of event data. The ability to distill sophisticated insight from scattered small discrete events is daunting but available with CESP. This means being able to spot patterns, threats or trends in your niche in real time, you we can respond quickly to adjust your site to maintain its relevance. We achieve this by our ability to constantly monitor the interaction of search engine and social media data, and to understand the deeper patterns beneath the data, so that you can adjust to rapidly altering conditions and stay on top.

At, we work diligently to help our clients get highly ranked organically. We provide both standard packages as well as customized solutions. Our services will result in high sustainable rankings on the major search engines, to drive a greater share of web traffic which will, in turn, result in more sales, revenue, and profit. Solid SEO results will help you increase ROI and be viewed as one of the unequivocal leaders in your industry.

The right data, the right interpretation, the right optimization – we will bring you incredible value for your marketing investment. Virtually any business solution can be designed to dramatically improve your most urgent needs. Get in touch with us today!

PPC Management<

Are you satisfied with your PPC Management?

Decades of collective, industry-leading experience in Search Marketing and Paid Search Management assure you that we can make your PPC advertising< translate into powerful, profitable campaigns.

Each of our Certified Account Managers are committed to developing short and long term strategies that deliver top performance and maximum profitability for your ads, giving us the highest level of client retention in the business.

We know the ins and outs of the major PPC systems, and can take full advantage of the opportunities Google, Yahoo!, and MSN/Bing present. More importantly, we have accumulated a substantial amount of invaluable data that serves as our decisive edge over our competition, and that backs your every advertising investment. Our proprietary, data-driven methodologies can make those investments realize their full, unbridled potential, and let you gain a commanding ROI.

Our Professional PPC Management Services deliver the ultimate in customer experience and campaign confidence. Let us manage your investments and you will benefit from:

  • Around the clock availability of a dedicated team of experts and certified professionals.
  • Day-to-day campaign optimization and expansion through extensive industry and keyword research.
  • Sophisticated bidding strategies tailored for individual search engines.
  • Professional ad copy, tested and optimized for an enhanced CTR.
  • Effective landing pages, generated and tested for increased conversions.
  • Streamlined implementation and troubleshooting processes, made possible by dedicated representatives from individual search engines.

We will categorize your keywords after an in-depth analysis of their value to your campaign:

  • Top Level keywords are pricey and highly competitive, but they are central to your industry and have immense traffic and conversion potential when properly managed with lower level keywords.
  • Program Level keywords often net the highest conversions.
  • Long Tail Level keywords are geo-targeted, resulting in less searches but higher conversion rates and a cheaper CPA.
  • Brand Level keywords are terms leveraged to enhance brand awareness, and expand the overall reach and conversions of your campaign.

Professional PPC Management Services

While there is much value in starting PPC campaigns off strong, sustaining them is what really drives your ROI. We will continue to monitor your campaign after its launch, and make adjustments as necessary to maximize your returns based on your campaign’s performance data.

Our hands-on approach to the analysis and management of your campaign gives you the benefit of truly personalized service. It also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your success rests in the hands of proven, certified experts, rather than automated software that fails to consider the variables presented by individual markets, changing seasons, and national or global economic events.

At, we consider your success our own. As such, we are fully invested in your long-term profitability, and are dedicated to maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship founded on integrity, innovation, and truly remarkable results.

Social Media Optimization<

Social Media means business. Facebook alone has 400 million users. Over 50 million tweets are sent out each day. There are more than 22 million WordPress publishers right now, and significantly more readers. Social Media presents a gold mine of opportunity for companies online, but only a select few are able to capitalize on it. Even less can offer it as a service. has the experience, technology, and resources to offer what most companies can’t: a complete Social Media Optimization solution that drives remarkable traffic, sales, revenue, and ROI.

Effective Social Media Optimization Services

We want you to get the most out of your investment. And that’s why our social media campaigns are built to maximize your ROI. You can benefit from the vast data and experience offered by our in-house experts and wide, dedicated professional network. To increase targeted traffic and generate more sales, you can leverage emerging web 2.0 technologies, as well as our state-of-the-art, proprietary tools. And our emotionally-charged content with immense viral potential can let you engage your audience and fuel community participation like never before.

We can use the most powerful Social Media platforms to launch your campaign, sustain it, and drive it to success. We can make you part of the conversation.

The Benefits Of Buzz

Social Media Optimization starts a fire – one strong enough to spread on its own. Insights from recognized Social Media authorities and our own extensive experience allow us to optimize campaigns to create impressive buzz online. Once your virally-enabled campaign generates buzz, your community spreads the word about your business for you, greatly extending your reach with minimal effort. This positive, digital word-of-mouth translates into greater brand equity and meaningful, real-world sales.

Online Reputation Management<

Online success starts with a positive reputation. The proliferation of search has made it easy for prospective clients to find information about you or your company online. But will they like what they see?

Protect Your Online Reputation

Consumers define you by your online reputation. If a search for your name or brand delivers negative results in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, your integrity and revenue are sure to suffer. A single review can cost you the loyalty of several, high-paying clients.

But by filling the SERPs with positive listings, you can boost your credibility, expand your reach, and put yourself in a position to win.

Expert Online Reputation Repair & Management uses the most advanced, proprietary methods to give you full control of your online reputation. We leverage powerful social media platforms and valuable web properties, in combination with industry-leading SEO techniques, to push down negative listings and replace them with positive results.

Our in-depth analysis of your online reputation doesn’t stop at the positive and negative listings in the SERPs. We also analyze the optimization of your main website, and use that data to bolster your campaign and support the external online assets we create on your behalf.

Whether you need a simple or complex solution to manage your online reputation, our expertise can position you as a thought leader in your industry, and reinforce a positive, enduring image of your brand online.

Invest in our services and you can benefit from:

  • Reputation repair: Bury damaging listings in the SERPs and make them lose relevance.
  • Brand proliferation: Increase your brand’s reach online.
  • Brand strengthening: Reinforce your brand’s message, and be seen as an industry thought leader.
  • Networking: Establish connections with clients and prospects through various social media channels.
  • Traffic generation: Drive traffic to your main website through links in external online assets.
  • Transparency: Enhance your visibility and better engage your target market.

Link building<

Link building is one of the most crucial processes in Search Engine Optimization, yet many online businesses fail to harness its full potential. Even with a creatively designed website filled with compelling, high quality content, without links from authoritative resources, your website can easily languish at the bottom of the search results pages.
A Linking Strategy That Delivers

As a company with extensive experience in Search Engine Marketing, has the resources, technology, and expertise to develop a comprehensive Link Building Strategy tailored to your organization’s needs.

Our experts will work with your team to analyze your existing Internet Marketing initiative. We will recommend the most effective approach to help your domain gain link popularity and authority on the major search engines.

We will provide you with regular, comprehensive reports of your campaign’s progress. These reports contain valuable information that will give you a top-level view of the effectiveness of your linking campaign. As a data-driven company, we believe in complete data transparency and the value of measurable results that will drive your business to greater heights.

A Focus on Quality Links from Targeted, High PR Sites

Our Linking experts are focused on generating only high quality links from the leading article submission sites and blogs related to your industry and target market. Through our innovative strategy that combines Article Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Contextual Linking, and other industry-proven techniques, you are assured that your website will receive only the most relevant, high ranking links.

We carefully review each link to ensure that only the optimum results are achieved. Search engine algorithms determine the strength of a link based on a number of factors, including:

  • The Page Rank of the page where your link appears.
  • The relevance of the linked text to your website’s content.
  • The link popularity of the sites that are linking to your site.
  • The relevance of the linked pages and websites to your organization’s specific industry. is strongly committed to your company’s success. With our innovative data-driven methodologies and expert staff of Search Marketing Professionals, you are assured of a Link Building solution that will maximize your website’s revenue potential.

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