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Quality Pet Care and Pet Sitting in the Comfort of Their Own Home, Serving suburban Lake, Cook & Kane Counties in IL.
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(847) 987-4322
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Shannon Cole
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Carpentersville, Illinois 60110
United States
Phone: (847) 987-4322
42° 7' 16.0896" N, 88° 15' 28.2888" W
Pet Sitting: Shannon with Furry Friends
Pet Sitting: Shannon with Furry Friends
Pet Sitting: Shannon with Furry Friends
Pet Sitting: Shannon with Furry Friends
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Spoken Language: English

Business: Consumer Goods and Services, Pet Supplies

Shannon’s Pet Sitting takes responsibility for feeding, dog walking, cleaning up litter boxes and yards, changing cage paper, administering medication…and above all, spoiling your furry and feathered friends!

Shannon's Pet-Sitting provides care in the pet owner's home. This reduces stress put on the pet by allowing them to remain in their own environment and maintain their daily routine. I specialize in areas of pet sitting that include pets with behavioral problems, medical needs, and senior pets.

As a courtesy I will also water plants, bring in mail and newspapers, alternate lights, open and close draperies, and set alarm systems so that the home appears occupied - an important consideration when you are away for an extended period of time.

As an additional service I also assist owners with medicating pets. I assist in pilling, injections, and subcutaneous fluids. I have a lot of knowledge, and hands on experience in treatment of Chronic Renal Failure and Diabetes in pets.

I worked at the North Shore Veterinary Clinic in Skokie, IL. In addition to my hands on experience at the clinic, I also completed Veterinary Assistant classes through the American Animal Hospital Association, and Cedar Valley College. Along with my studies I worked part time at the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center in Northbrook, IL. I am certified in Pet CPR & First Aid. Over the years I have built a strong reputation and rapport with the local veterinary clinics. To further my education in the world of exotics I worked in the specialty department at Pet-smart for two years.

I enjoy working with multiple animal rescues and non-profit charitable organizations by participating in fundraisers and donation programs. I am also accredited by the Better Business Bureau and American Pet Association.

Shannon's Pet-Sitting has taken on the job of spoiling pets across Chicago's Northwest Suburbs by providing the ultimate in professional compassionate pet care.

Pet care area:

Currently serving the following areas in Lake, Cook, DuPage & Kane Counties. Please contact me even if you are outside of this area. More than likely, I can take care of your pet care needs.

  • Lake County Pet Sitting
    • BARRINGTON- 60010, 60011
    • BUFFALO GROVE - 60089
    • DEER PARK - 60010
    • KILDEER - 60010, 60047, 60074
    • LAKE ZURICH - 60047
    • LIBERTYVILLE - 60048, 60092
    • LINCOLNSHIRE - 60069
    • LONG GROVE - 60049
    • MUNDELEIN - 60060
    • VERNON HILLS - 60061
  • Cook County Pet Sitting
    • ARLINGTON HEIGHTS - 60004, 60005, 60006
    • DES PLAINES - 60016, 60017, 60018, 60019
    • ELK GROVE VILLAGE - 60007, 60009
    • EVANSTON - 60201, 60201, 60203, 60204, 60208, 60209
    • GLENCOE - 60022
    • GLENVIEW - 60025, 60026
    • HOFFMAN ESTATES - 60179
    • INVERNESS - 60010, 60067
    • KENILWORTH - 60043
    • MORTON GROVE - 60053
    • MOUNT PROSPECT - 60056
    • NILES - 60714
    • NORTHBROOK - 60062, 60065
    • PALATINE - 60038, 60055, 60067, 60074, 60078, 60094, 60095
    • PARK RIDGE - 60068
    • PROSPECT HEIGHTS - 60070
    • ROLLING MEADOWS - 60008
    • SCHAUMBURG - 60173, 60193, 60194, 60195
    • SKOKIE - 60076, 60077
    • STREAMWOOD - 60107
    • WHEELING - 60090
    • WILMETTE - 60091
    • WINNETKA - 60093
  • Dupage County Pet Sitting
    • ITASCA - 60143
    • ROSELLE - 60172
    • WOOD DALE - 60191
    • MEDINAH - 60157
  • Kane County Pet Sitting
    • Carpentersville - 60110
    • East Dundee - 60118
    • West Dundee - 60118
    • Elgin - 60120
    • Sleepy Hollow - 60118
    • Algonquin - 60102, 60156
    • Lake In The Hills - 60102, 60156

Pet Sitting Services

  • Daily and Overnight Visits.
  • Walking, playing and brushing .
  • Cleaning Litter Boxes.
  • Giving Medications such as:
    • Pills, liquids, injections, inhalers and subcutaneous fluids (additional charge for subcutaneous fluids).
  • Hand Feeding Birds.
  • Special Food/Meal Preparation.
  • Mail and Newspaper Retrieval.
  • Taking out garbage on scheduled days.
  • Watering plants.
  • Nail Trims.
  • Ear Cleaning.

In addition to dogs and cats, I take care of a large variety of animals, small and large. I have hands on experience & knowledge when dealing with these animals. Please note for pets requiring a fresh fruit & vegetable diet, there is an additional charge for special meal preparation.

There are many reasons to select an in-home pet sitting service when you can’t be home with your pets. One of the most important advantages of using a pet sitter is also the most obvious, your pet’s state of mind. A stressed-out pet is an unhappy, unhealthy pet, possibly refusing to eat or drink, developing elimination problems (diarrhea, constipation, urinary tract infection), engaging in bad habits (chewing himself, destroying bedding), etc.

Your pet’s most basic activities: eating, sleeping and eliminating, can be seriously disrupted by the trauma of being left in an unfamiliar place surrounded by other, unfamiliar pets. But a professional, in-home pet sitting service like Shannon's Pet-Sitting can help ensure your pet’s mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Pets are creatures of habit. They will always be more comfortable when their routines can be maintained. Especially when it comes to feeding and treats. For instance, both you and your pet might prefer that it be you giving treats at the times she’s used to. But a close second to that is having a pet sitter who knows the drill: like where treats are kept and how to shake the box to give your pet a thrill. And since she’s at home, your pet can also do her usual thing, running to her bed and snuggling up with a rawhide, hiding a biscuit under the sofa cushion for later, or bounding to the windowsill to suck on a tasty morsel. Allowing your pet to stick to simple routines like this can help keep her from focusing too much on stressors, like the fact that the treats aren’t coming from your own hand.

Animals are almost always territorial, and a lot of that revolves around their keen sense of smell. Allowing a pet to go outside to eliminate seems a simple enough task: something any boarding facility ensures. But allowing a pet to go outside through his door, to his yard or on a walk through his neighborhood is much less disruptive to his mental state. In fact, many dogs (large and small) find a shared yard, which most kennels use for an elimination area, so unappealing and uncomfortable that they would rather hold it! And cats would certainly prefer not to have their litter box inches from where they must eat and sleep. This is due, in large part, to the way familiar surroundings smell to animals. The scent of another animal (of the same species or not)  that’s too close for comfort can have a negative impact on your pet’s psyche … especially when it comes to eliminating, which is a key way pets leave scent markers to establish their territories.

Whether it’s the overall stress of the experience, the strangeness of a new location or just the smells in the air of a kennel, the simple act of eliminating can become complicated when your pet is not in familiar territory. Why make it necessary for him to “go” where he feels out of his element?

Even if your pet loves the sound of his own voice, he may not love to have his voice joined by 30 others, all within the confines of a kennel’s walls. Walk through your typical boarding kennel, and you’ll hear an almost incessant barrage of barking, meowing, whining and howling. Imagine being a “guest” there and trying to sleep through that noise! While there are many reasons pets bark, meow, whine and howl, often it’s an indication that they’re under stress, anxious or worked up.

Some pets board well, resting quietly while they wait their turn to be walked, cleaned and fed. But many pets vocalize their discomfort, and it only takes one to ruin it for everyone. If 10 dogs are kenneled next to and across from each other, and 9 of them would prefer quiet calm, the one that insists on letting his caretakers know that she wants some attention by non-stop barking can greatly increase the level of anxiety in the others. (And you can imagine how that can make a cat in the next room feel!) At home, your pet is much more likely to have fewer stressors, including noise from other pets she doesn’t know, and she is much more likely to be able to get adequate rest and remain in a happy, calm state of mind.

A professional pet sitter understands that their primary job is to take care of your pet the way you would. Spending ample time with and caring for your pet is not viewed as an inconvenience to a pet sitter the way it might be by someone who’s doing you a favor, like a friend, relative or neighbor. Professional pet sitters take pride in and enjoy their work, so they’re committed to following your instructions and giving individual attention and affection to your pets while you’re away.

Shannon's Pet-Sitting takes seriously that your pet’s life is in my hands. Your pet’s comfort and well-being is the utmost priority for a professional service. Your neighbor might have circumstances crop up that make it impossible for him or her to let your pet out or feed him one evening (and potentially not think much of it), but a professional pet sitting service makes your pet the priority, so you know the best possible job is being done for your pet, no matter what. And that means you can rest easy and have just as much peace of mind as your pet while you’re away.

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