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Sinergica Soluzioni S.r.l.

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Leader in the commercialization of scales, crane scales, industrial scale and scientific instruments for the control and measurement. The Company You Can Rely On!
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Riccardo Mongillo
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Private Company Limited By Shares (Ltd.)


Sinergica Soluzioni S.r.l.
Via Verrotti Espansione 2 Int. 4
Montesilvano, Pescara 65015
Phone: +39(0)854-458-815
Fax: +39(0)854-680-510
42° 28' 48.0504" N, 14° 8' 5.946" E
Bilance da Pavimento ad uso industriale
Transpallet con bilancia elettronica integrata
bilance da banco professionali
Bilancia CONTAPEZZI di grande precisione, particolarmente adatta per inventari e conteggio minuterie, con tripla scala automatic

Spoken Language: Italian

Business: Calibration and Testing, Industrial Goods and Services, Machinery and Tools

SINERGICA SOLUZIONI SRL® since 2004 has been a leader in the commercialization of scales, crane scales, counting, scientific instruments for the control and measurement.

SYNERGETIC SOLUTIONS e-Volute ® distributes throughout the Italian territory, directly, a wide range of scientific instruments, used in pharmaceutical, food scales<, chemical scale, research centers, universities and water treatment plants. Most of this equipment is manufactured according to ISO-VISION 2000 and the CE mark.

Experience in Italian and foreign productions and enables the company to develop solutions to mechanical, electronic and software, flexible application can be adapted to different fields of use expandable and can be interfaced to different communication standards and equipped with simple mechanical accessories that make it easy to use. Also has units marked synergistic Ex, intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The company also offers a complete set of approved or CE-M (according to European standard EN45501 - Directive 90/384 EEC). The CE-M, issued by the Central Metric, proving that the instrument is equipped with EC TYPE APPROVAL CERTIFICATE that validates the suitability for office.

Scale is a synergistic SERVICE PARTNER CIBE, then the best specialists in the field of weighing and measuring instruments<. We are here to the programs of the Metrological Laboratory CIBE upgrade and testing procedures to comply with the latest developments in relevant legislation and practices of the most reliable calibration and certification.

The aim is to offer our customers, a highly qualified measuring instruments and reliable at the same time. For every need connected to the control and calibration of weights, weights and balances, periodic review of weighing instruments.

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