Sino Material Technologies Limited : Silicone Rubber Heater & Kapton Heater from Sinomas. Manufacturer and custom solution provider for...

Sino Material Technologies Limited

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Silicone Rubber Heater & Kapton Heater from Sinomas. Manufacturer and custom solution provider for flexible silicone rubber heaters and kapton heaters; Made in China, delivered worldwide.
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inquiryatsinomas [dot] com
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Sun Qiang
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Privately Held

ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL, CE

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Sino Material Technologies Limited
809 Haixiang Tower 26 Zhoukang Road, Pudong
Shanghai 201318
Phone: +86-2160891049
Fax: +86-2160891081
31° 3' 10.5624" N, 121° 27' 53.4384" E
silicone rubber heaters with etched foil heating elements
immersion heater from Sinomas
anti condensation heater for high voltage switchgear cabinets
constant wattage parallel cirucit heating wire for refrigeration defrost

Spoken Language: Chinese, English

Business: Industrial Goods and Services, Industrial Supply

Founded in 2000, Sinomas (registered business name: Sino Material Technologies Limited) is located in Shanghai, where we have the benefits of both well trained employees and relatively low production cost. As the name indicates, we are industrial components supplier making use of technically advanced and matured materials.

Our business started from flexible silicone rubber heaters, which were developed during the 1960's to support NASA' s Apollo Space Mission. We have been making high quality, cost effective flexible heating solutions for customers in the world. As an add-value service, we are able to deliver custom metal parts (as heat sinks like plate, pipe, casing, handle, bolt, etc.) with due surface treatment. Some products like fusible plugs have been so successful as to be an important part of Sinomas business.

With sales offices in Japan, Germany and Canada, Sinomas is proud to be an international company. A good half of our customers come from abroad, which include many world renowned companies like Maersk, Siemens, Volkswagen, Hitachi, Faiveley, SGS, Embraco, Semco, etc.

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