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Drug rehabs New Jersey
Alcohol Detox Centers New Jersey location in New Brunswick NJ.
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Drug Rehabs New Jersey

Before seeking drug rehabs in New Jersey you must accept and understand what drug and alcohol addiction is. Admitting you or someone you know has an addiction problem is a hard reality to accept. Unfortunately, this disease is the third leading lifestyle-related cause of death in the nation, which also means that you are not alone on the journey to recovery.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence shares that alcoholism does not stem from how long someone has been drinking or his or her alcohol of choice. Instead, alcoholism is rooted in a lack of willpower and a craving for the substance, equal to that of needing food or water. Denial is a typical response when considering the idea of whether you or a loved one struggles with alcohol addiction. However, the sooner signs of abuse are detected and addressed, the easier it is to regain control of your life through various forms of alcohol treatment.

Why Drug Rehabs New Jersey is Needed

The consumption of excessive alcohol in 2010 cost the US $249 billion or roughly $2.05 per drink consumed as reported by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Young adults and college students are the largest users of drug and alcohol. This burden in the US resulted in losses in college enrollment, workplace productivity, health care expenses, the justice system, auto accidents and damages to property. A whopping $2 out of every $5 of the economic costs of excessive alcohol use were paid by federal, state and local government. These are only the numbers for binge drinking. Binge drinking is defined for women as four or more drinks per occasion or five or more for men.

The same CDC report shows drug rehabs New Jersey are needed area for drug rehabilitation. New Jersey is an area for concern of drug and alcohol misuse in the US. South Jersey has many attractions and high-quality collegiate institutions. This combined with historical sites, museums, art galleries, and prominent venues contribute to Jersey’s charm. The diversity of the city goes beyond its residents’ cultural backgrounds and extends into the places that attract tourists from across the globe.

New Jersey ranked second on Travel+Leisure’s America’s Favorite Cities (AFC) survey (after New Orleans). It’s also top-ranked by experts (journalists, musicians, academics, producers) according to Forbes It even had the highest score in the Attraction Index as a major center for education and business. This is one of the reasons why drug rehabs New Jersey is commonly searched on Google.

Drug Rehabs New Jersey Needed Due to Increased Risk

The chances an individual becoming addicted to drug and alcohol is based on several factors. The Mayo Clinic identifies alcohol misuse factors as genetic, psychological, social and environmental. For example, if an individual’s family has a history of alcoholism then he or she will have an increased risk of becoming an addict. An individual also has an increased risk of becoming an addict if he or she has a mental illness and uses alcohol to self-medicate. Social and cultural factors can also be the root of many alcohol disorders as an individual is pressured by family members or peers to consume large amounts of alcohol or binge drink on a regular basis. This is why a college drug rehab New Jersey is needed.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a drink consists of 12-ounces of beer, 8-ounces of malt liquor, 5-ounces of wine or 1.5-ounces of distilled liquor (vodka, whiskey, etc…). Excessive drinking for women 4 or more drinks on one occasion, or for men 5 or more. Heavy drinking is defined as 8 or more drinks per week for women, and 15 or more drinks per week for men. While moderate drinking is one drink per day for women and 2 drinks per day for men.

What are the signs of Needing Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Picking up on the signs of drug or alcohol addiction can save a loved one’s life or your own life. Knowing the drug slang terms teens are using can tip parents off on drug use. The following are some of the key signs of drug addiction and alcoholism. When reading through the signs, honestly analyze each point so you can accurately determine whether you or someone you know struggles with alcoholism and needs to seek treatment. Drug use disorder is classified by being mild, moderate or severe. The severity of alcohol use disorder is based on the symptoms one is experiencing;

  • · Not being able to limit the amount of alcohol or drugs consumed
  • · Unsuccessful attempt to reduce how much you drink
  • · The amount of time-consuming, obtaining drugs and alcohol or recovering from the aftermath of misuse
  • · Uncontrollable urges to drink alcohol or consume drugs
  • · Failing to fulfill work or job obligations
  • · Needing alcohol or drugs to relax
  • · Drinking or taking drugs alone or in secrecy
  • · A decline in school grades
  • · Family obligations neglected or declining
  • · Continuing the use of drugs or alcohol when it’s causing physical and social problems
  • · Not participating, or a reduction in hobbies, work activities, and social interactions
  • · Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • · You have developed a tolerance for alcohol or drugs causing you to need more to feel its effects
  • · You Experience withdrawal symptoms including shaking, nausea, sweating
  • · Drinking more or taking more drugs to avoid the withdrawal symptoms

What Types of Inpatient Drug Rehabs New Jersey Are Available?

There are several different types of drug rehab New Jersey options. Whatever your option a customized treatment plan must be put into place by the addiction treatment center. Getting educated on evidence-based addiction treatment with providing the best options when seeking alcohol addiction treatment in New Jersey. Some of the addiction treatment options include;

  • · Residential Addiction Treatment
  • · Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • · Intensive Out-Patient Treatment (IOP)
  • · Opiate detox 
  • · Sober Homes

Drug Rehab New Jersey Young Adult Rehabilitation Program

Drug rehab New Jersey SOBA College Recovery’s substance abuse treatment center in New Brunswick goes beyond drug rehabilitation. Their specific motivation is to help those in a community setting who may have a problem with addictive drugs or other mental disorders. At each phase of treatment, clients receive certain levels of care. Then there is a proven gradual step-down process. This is most effective for recovering adults in this critical phase of their lives.

Drug Rehab New Jersey Rehabilitation Program

When seeking drug rehab New Jersey the obvious choice is SOBA College Recovery. During the initial phase of their substance abuse program in New Brunswick, New Jersey, they teach you how to become characters of action. They focus on undertaking many simple daily tasks such as cleanliness, personal hygiene, and physical health.

The drug rehabs New Jersey facility carefully guides you along their proven treatment program. Their team of case managers assists every step of the way providing the needed planning, communication and guidance. This helps take care of any outstanding issues outside the drug rehabilitation program that stands in the way of their recovery process.

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