Social Media Marketing Improvement

Social Media Marketing Improvement

These days the meaning of online networking has changed, online networking means having the ability to tap into hundreds of relevant connections with clicking a button. For instance you have the chance to connect with the colleagues in your industry, and make them impressive with your professionalism, and find information that can directly help you. However you should be aware of potential risk of doing it all wrong, alienating potential allies and ruining your chances at career development.

The old important question is which of the factor is more important for having the faithful and real audience in social media? The content or the distribution. They both don’t catch the whole picture as this is the user experience that is more important than these two. Now the question might be what the user experience is? The simple answer is when you navigate from one website to the other or video to other video you are doing it by the experience and it has been missing mostly from the digital media.

Social media world

Some people believe that content is the king! Yes but it is not the hole story, considering the case of a social media, it may offer instant access to great content but that content has become commoditized. Generally it is very difficult to keep this kind of content always novel. Therefore the content alone can’t be the final answer.

On the other hand the distribution models of the digital age are showing their errors. Since the world of digital is introducing the number of media consumption devices (Mobiles, Ipads, etc.), now people have more option to choose what they like. Content itself is no longer describes the option of distribution channel.

This time the experience envelops the content since the balance of power within the digital media is shifting. As distribution and content increase to overpowering the properties, user experience turns into the key to growing a real, faithful audience.

Is it difficult to make your freshman blog/site noticeable among the others, even though it has fresh unique contents? The reason is huge amount of old and established blogs exist. Having visitors with such competitors is a big deal. I don’t want to make you frighten but you should get noticed. So if the visitor of your blog is just you, you can increase it by using social media marketing in efficient way. That would be a real shortcut for having more and more targeted visitors.

Simple principals for having successful social media marketing

  • Knowing the online social platform
    • There are so many different social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, etc). Through these social media you are connected to verity of different people; friends, colleagues, bosses, university friends, business men, teachers and even people who you have not seen face to face or just once at party. So this is very important to understand the platform you are using, thus the relationship you have with a specific person before leave any content for professional achievements.

Social media platforms

  • Be more specific
    • Currently it has become common to approach someone for job help via social media, and being more specific in questions means that you have searched for that. For instance asking a question “I need more explanation about this job! Can you explain it for me?” Such questions are too wide that is difficult to provide an appropriate response.
    • Try to make it easy for people to help you with your massages or requested by being more specific. An appropriate question like: “I need more explanation about job offer GIS programmer! Would you explain the tasks more?”
  • Don’t miss the offline interactions
    • Social media are great for setting up a relationship but don’t miss the traditional face to face ways of interactions, be offline sometimes. Face to face interactions let you to build a stronger relationship with more confident. You can ask from the person who you meet through social media which way of contact is preferable for them.
  • Make your communication customized and targetable
    • For any of the social media you should customize your communication massages with regards to your niche. Be honest and open when asking for communication, it shows that you respect your connection with the recipient.
    • You can explain why you want to build a certain connection with particular individual. You should know about this person background which means you have searched about him/her which is valuable.
  • Show appreciation
    • Show respect, say Thank You when someone does something for you. Try to catch up on with friends and people in your network whenever possible. Don’t back to them just when you need them.
  • Role of Media Info-graphics on social networking
    • Info-graphics help delivering the information straightforward. Having a nice info-graphic has a potential capacity in expressing social web information in visually appealing manner. Variety of info-graphic types exist which any of them is suitable for delivering particular information, like; Social Web Involvement, Social Marketing Range, Social Landscape and Web Trend Maps.
  • Location Based Social Networks
    • Location based Social Networks are nowadays getting a great deal of attraction. Adding location data to social networks can increase the visitors as it is the most important characteristics of social media. Social networks should look at the motivation of their users for share their locations.
    • For example when you want to take a photo, it’s because you want to capture a moment which is beautiful and you want to share it with others. So the aim is to sharing an experience with others in social networks. The facility to geo-tag that photo should be considered maybe someone else wants to experience it as well. These days companies are using location as improvement, rather than an aim, though their specific functions are wildly different. As part of an extensive experience location can provide a rich layer of social experience.
  • Make fun by Twitter
    • One of the best social media for having traffic is twitter. Well it only needs a quick look to see the most favorite tweets are funny ones. If you follow the comedians you see how they increase their followers by their humor tweets. A nice 140-character tweet is so valuable that can deliver the massage as clear as possible to the followers through humor.

This is a fact that if you miss social media for marketing your business, you miss great benefits. That's why we've made it easy to get all the social media marketing you need in one easy business listings< package. If you've got any additional ideas, let's hear them!

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