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Buy steel toe boots and steel toed shoes at discount prices.
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Steel Toe Pros
1608 Commerce Dr.
South Bend, Indiana 46619
United States
Phone: 866-929-0610
41° 41' 45.042" N, 86° 18' 20.4732" W
Timberland PRO Men's Rigmaster Steel Toe EH Work Boots 95553
Chippewa: Men's Steel Toe EH Insulated Vibram Work Boots 72008
Wolverine Composite Toe 8 Inch Men's Brown EH Work Boots 3313
Converse Shoes: ESD Composite Toe Black Athletic Shoes 4375

Spoken Language: English

Business: Clothing, Consumer Goods and Services, Retail Trade, Retailers

Need composite toe boots or safety toe boots< for work? Shop for Wolverine and Timberland steel toed work boots and steel toe shoes.

Men's Steel Toe Boots<

Mining, Riding, Hiking and Standing. It doesn't matter what you're doing - your feet always need to be well-protected against many various dangers, because you never know what’s coming next. Men's Steel Toe Boots from Steel Toe Pros come in a huge variety of styles, colors and features.

Choose laceless cowboy boots, tough loggers, wedge boots, packer boots even fire boots - as long as you choose steel toes. Tested and created for impact- and compression-resistance, steel toes protect the most vulnerable part of your feet. No matter which style you choose, you just can't go wrong with protection like that.

  • Steel Toe Chukka Boots
    • If you’re looking for an ankle-length boot with minimal eyelets and either a low heel or none at all, then you’ve just described the popular Chukka Boot. Choose from our variety of Chukka styles suitable for casual wear, outdoors activities or for the work place. Our models feature ASTM-approved Steel Toes to guard against impact from falling objects or from compression.
    • Our Chukkas non-slip soles are oil-resistant to prevent wear and tear from corrosive chemicals. Electrical Hazard-resistant, the soles protect you from exposure to electrical currents and electrically charged equipment. Some of our boots are lined with moisture-wicking Cambrelle is made of a mesh of bi-component fibers that allows the lining to conform to the constant motions of the foot to prevent chafing while also providing high levels of abrasion-resistance.
    • Cambrelle is the only non-woven lining in the world approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Cambrelle provides an unbeatable combination of comfort, absorbency and hard wearing, quality performance. Many our boots feature full-cushion, removable footbeds for easy cleaning or replacement. Our Chukkas are stylish, long-wearing and durable, so be sure to lfind the pair that’s right for your job or your lifestyle
  • Steel Toe Cowboy Boots
    • Steel Toe Cowboy Boots mix casual style with serious work protection to create versatile footwear you'll want to wear even outside the workplace. Is there ever a time when you can't use smooth, lace-free style, soft comfort and the strength of steel? We think not.
    • Whether you buy Thorogood, Worx, Wolverine or a boot by any other name, you should always buy boots that you can enjoy even when you're off the clock. Available with plain or beautifully embellished shafts, side-zip or pull-on use, fuzzy Nubuck or glossy full-grain, these Steel Toe Cowboy Boots give you both fun and function, because you can have both even when you're on the job.
  • Steel Toe Fire Boots
    • In our selection of Fire Boots you’ll find a large variety of safety features to keep you your feet protected from fire, heat and other hazards. For instance, the ASTM-approved steel toe protects from impact and compression.
    • Some of Thorogood’s models are puncture-resistant, and boast chemical-resistant construction to protect you in a variety of working conditions. Your safety is our first concern, and these boots feature rubber midsoles and steel triple ladder shanks to provide firm support for your arches.
    • These boots are also blood-born pathogen-resistant and Electrical Hazard-rated to protect against electric shock. Look through our selection and see how some of our models feature flame-resistant Vulcanized rubber to protect the outside of the boot, and knit Kevlar protects from within. You’ll want to frequent our site where you’ll find boots meeting NFPA 1951 requirements in pull-on or lace-up styles.
  • Steel Toe Hiking Boots
    • Probably the biggest myth about hiking is that you’re going to be outdoors getting your shoes muddy and scruffy, so you want to wear a pair of old, worn-out shoes. This myth probably originated with non-hikers because real hikers know your shoes are your most important Hiking Gear. Think about it, the quality and durability of your shoes can determine your ability to move farther, faster and more safely.
    • Our boots feature full-grain leather uppers. The waterproof models keep your feet dry while allowing your feet to breathe and prevent excess moisture to cause your feet to blister. Check out the deep-lugged, tough soles on our rugged Hiking Boots.
    • These soles provide friction and keep you from slipping on varied terrains. They also absorb shock and provide cushioning for your feet. Hiking Boots have deep-lugged soles of tough rubber to provide friction and avoid slipping on any surfaces. These soles are also designed to absorb shocks while you walk, and provide cushioning for your feet. Our Hiking Boots are intended to keep you comfortable on the uneven trails you’re bound to encounter.
  • Steel Toe Logger Boots
    • As a logger, you require boots that grip the surface and provide plenty of traction. You’ll have to search no further than our great selection of logger boots. Check out the close-ups and get a good look at the boots with Vibram lug soles or other sole patterns for traction and stability.
    • Our selection of logger footwear will satisfy your personal preferences, and meet the safety requirements you need. Check out our boot styles with ASTM-approved steel or composite toes, and Electrical Hazard rated heels. Our selection of boots feature leather uppers to protect your feet and ankles. Our waterproof models will keep your feet dry, and with a variety of linings from which to choose, your feet will stay not only dry, but warm.
    • Some of our models feature a steel shank to stiffen the boot under the instep. This added strength prevents the instep from flexing when you’re standing on a latter or pole rungs. At Steel Toe Pros you’ll find the latest boots with the safety features you need for everyday on-the-job protection.
  • Steel Toe Metatarsal Boots
    • What do Rocky, Wolverine and John Deere all have in common? They're all companies that produce durable, comfortable Steel Toe Metatarsal Boots you'll actually enjoy wearing to work.
    • Protective metatarsal boots might be low-cut or high-cut, insulated or made for hot weather wear, waterproof and filled with comfortable cushioning. The style doesn't matter so much, because the safety does.
    • By protecting not only your toes but the tender, delicate bones that help connect them to the rest of your skeleton, metatarsal guards keep you safe in the face of dangerous working hazards that could create painful injuries. Steel Toe Metatarsal Boots offer a little bit more protection, because you can always stand to be a lot safer on the job.
  • Steel Toe Military Boots
    • Steel Toe Military Boots are tactical footwear for the everyday warrior. They're made for the guy who stands in the factory all day, the foreman on the construction site who works hard to keep everyone else out of danger, the plumber who goes to several houses in one day dealing with everything from leaks to clogs.
    • They're made for you, because your feet work so hard, they need to be battle-ready at all times. Whether you choose a pair that's tall or short, khaki-colored or shiny black, steel toe military boots give your feet tactical specifications and impact-resisting, steel toe protection. In other words, your feet will lack nothing when you're wearing this rugged, stylish footwear.
  • Steel Toe Mining Boots
    • No one has to tell you that mining is dangerous work. When you stop to think that your work boots have an impact on your legs, feet and back, you want the best boots for your job.
    • When you work in slippery, muddy, uneven and rocky terrain, you want a boot to prevent slipping, falling, and foot fatigue. Our boots feature full-grain leather or rubber uppers with ASTM-approved steel toe, and internal metatarsal protection to guard against falling objects or compression. These boots feature moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet dry and protect against fungal infections.
    • Our Steel Toe Mining Boots are constructed with non-conductive electrical shock resistant soles and heels. If insulation if a priority for you, you’ll appreciate the models with Thinsulate Insulation to keep your feet warm even in sub-zero temperatures. Our boots feature impact-resistant polyurethane in the midsoles to create a shock-absorbing core.
  • Steel Toe Motorcycle Boots<
    • Some bikers ride to work, and others work to ride. Whatever your situation, you know the best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome. You’re a seasoned rider, and you’ve reached this status because safety has never been just an option for you, and your riding footwear is at the top of the list.
    • You never know when you’ll get caught in the rain, so you want a riding boot that provides good grip in slippery conditions.
    • Most of our boots feature soles with tread patterns to allow water to dissipate. Check out our selection of boots with oil-and-slip-resistant soles. Better to let your boots take a scuffing from rocks or other debris than your shins. ASTM-approved Steel toes to protect your feet from impact or compression.
  • Steel Toe Packer Boots
  • Steel Toe Romeo Boots
    • There's nothing like the convenience of a pull-on Steel Toe Romeo Boot. STP has a great selection of Romeo style boots, in a wide range of colors. With the variety of safety features these boots offer, your purchase becomes a wise investment in your personal well-being.
    • In addition to the steel toe, some of the boots we carry are rated for Electrical Hazard, have met guards or composite toes and just about all are slip-resistant. The Steel Toe Romeo Boot is an ideal cross between a rugged Work Boot and a stylishly, convenient and comfortable boot. Check out the different Steel Toe Romeo Boots we offer at STP and find the one that's right for you.
  • Steel Toe Wedge Boots
    • If you prefer the comfort of a Wedge Boot, you’ll want to check out our selection. Wedge Heels mean no heel at all, a safety feature preferred by many in roofing and welding occupations to prevent tripping.
    • These top quality boots feature full-grain leather uppers in various shades of tan and brown. These boots are waterproof, which means they’ve been treated with silicon or other chemicals that cause the fibers to swell and lock out water. Our Wedge Boots are available in full-length lace-up or pull-on style. The ASTM-approved steel toe protects your feet against impact from falling objects or from compression.
    • The wedge outsoles are made with lightweight, shock-resisting polyurethane, and are slip-and-oil-resistant as well as Electrical Hazard rated to protect against electrical shock. These Steel Toe Wedge Boots feature the Goodyear Welt Construct, providing them with excellent traction and the best lateral stability of all boots. In Welt Construction, the upper fabric, lining and sole are stitched together in a single unit for added durability. Then, a welt is stitched to the boot upper, insole and lining in a single operation.
    • Goodyear Welt boots are extremely tough, and as long as the uppers remain in good condition, a worn pair of boots can be re-soled, giving these boots a life expectancy of 20 years or more.
  • Steel Toe Work Boots<
    • It takes less than one second to make a single mistake, to take a wrong turn, to drop an item. It takes less than one second to get injured, suffering perhaps weeks of pain and being unable to work to provide for yourself.
    • That's why you should always suit up in Steel Toe Work Boots before you start your workday, not because you think something's going to happen on the job. . .but because it could. The well-crafted boots made by companies like Timberland, Chippewa and Wolverine are made to comfort and cushion your feet, even as they protect you from some of the worst of workplace dangers. Wear Steel Toe Boots not because you've got to, but because you should.

Men's Steel Toe Shoes

STP has an excellent selection in Men's Steel Toe Shoes. We offer a variety of Athletic styles, Oxford styles and Slip-ons that all have the protection you're looking for. The low-cut design of a shoe is featured in each style but the overall appearance is dramatically different.

The Athletic shoes are virtually undetectable as a safety shoe due to their fashionable, sporty look. The timeless-classic Oxfords and the casual Slip-ons have an understated appeal, allowing them to easily pass between the office and rugged outdoors. All of the shoes have an array of safety and comfort features to choose between.

We offer trusted name-brand manufacturers like Converse, Nautilus, Timberland Pro, Rockport, Wolverine, and so many more. Depending on your line-of-work, or play, STP has all the best to offer in Men's Steel Toe Shoes. We're certain you'll find exactly what you're shopping for here at STP.

  • Steel Toe Athletic Shoes
    • You could probably fool anybody with a pair of these Steel Toe Athletic Shoes. Low-cut and casual, these safe shoes have enough athletic style for the basketball court even while they offer all the protection you need for the job. Well-known, fashionable names like Skechers, Converse and Nautilus will help you go to work in style and safety at the same time.
    • Famous work wear companies like Wolverine and Caterpillar provide their own blend of low-cut good looks and high-tech safety to enhance your feet. No matter which name you choose, you're always making a good decision with Steel Toe Athletic Shoes.
  • Steel Toe Oxford Shoes
    • Low-cut and classic, the oxford shoe design is timelessly stylish and made to go anywhere. When you combine the classic protection of steel toes, you've got footwear that truly is special - and more versatile than most shoe stores are willing to admit.
    • Fashionable, protective Steel Toe Oxford Shoes from companies like Doc Martens, Rockport and Thorogood aren't just great-looking, they're great for working, too. Soft cushioning inside and classic styling outside can't even begin to hint at the protection these low-cut shoes can offer to work-weary feet. When impact-resistance and working safety look this good, you're enjoying steel toe oxford shoes.
  • Steel Toe Slip-On Shoes
    • At STP we have an excellent selection of Steel Toe Slip-On Shoes. Slip-on shoes are so convenient and comfortable that it's easy to understand why they appeal to such a broad range of folks.
    • We have many different styles to choose from and each have safety features to protect against a variety of unforeseen hazards. Our shoes also have the best there is to offer in comfort.
    • The slip-ons we carry are office attractive but jobsite rugged. STP proudly brings you shoes from top-notch suppliers in the business of reliable footwear. Let us help you find the perfect Steel Toe Slip-On Shoe that'll suit all your needs.

Women's Steel Toe Boots

STP is the pro to trust when you need the ultimate in performance and protection from a boot. We have a fantastic selection of Women's Steel Toe Work Boots for work or play. We have boots available from all the leading and trusted manufacturers. We carry Doc Martens, Caterpillar, Carhartt, Wolverine, Thorogood and Timberland PRO, but that's not all. We offer a range of colors from tan, to variations of brown, to black.

You'll find we have boots available that are waterproof, or Static-Dissipative or have an Electrical Hazard rating. Our Women's Steel Toe Work Boots are designed using rugged leather, supportive shanks, cushioned insoles, the best in sole construction, ASTM-rated steel toes and much more. You'll experience the high quality offered at STP when you purchase the Women's Steel Toe Work Boots.

  • Women's Steel Toe Metatarsal Boots
    • Women's Steel Toe Metatarsal Boots are made with the same style, comfort and tough materials as ordinary steel toe boots - with a little something extra. Durable, compression-resisting metatarsal protection safeguards the tops of your feet. Every foot has five long, slender metatarsal bones, very small and very fragile.
    • When one of these breaks or fractures, you're going to feel it for a long, long time. Met guards act like an extension of steel toes, adding just enough extra protection to do a whole lot of good for your feet. Women’s Steel Toe Metatarsal Boots give feet extended protection, because you can’t ever scale back on how much work you need to do.
  • Women's Steel Toe Motorcycle Boots
    • Do you want your feet to feel comfortable? Do you need your tender toes to be well-protected? And should it all look extremely stylish for eye-catching good looks? Give these Women’s Steel Toe Motorcycle Boots a ride.
    • The steel toes guard against dangerous falling objects, and keep you compliant for work (in case you need to ride into the office). The great-looking design shows off your biker style even as it keeps feet safe and protected against workplace dangers. Women’s Steel Toe Motorcycle Boots marry style and safety, because you can always have both.
  • Women's Steel Toe Fire Boots
    • Women's Steel Toe Fire Boots are treated for flame- and fire-resistance, protecting you from intense heat and incredible danger.
    • Whether they're lined with Kevlar or finished with pull-on handles, these boots have what matters most: tough steel toes and work-friendly flame-resistance. These safe fire boots aren’t just made for protection but for comfort and easy steps, too, because you need more than protection when you’re hard at work.
    • Comfort features make these fire boots easy to wear, not just necessary for the job. Your feet will be guarded against falling objects (and so much more) when you choose to suit up in Women's Steel Toe Fire Boots.
  • Women's Steel Toe Military Boots
    • Women's Steel Toe Military Boots are made to give you the tactical advantage over your workday. Engineered with precision technology, tough compression-resistance and high-quality materials, military boots give you more than a fighting chance when you're in the trenches of the daily grind.
    • The protective steel toes deflect dangerous impact from falling objects, while the military style and comfort features keep your feet fully mobile and flexible. Women's Steel Toe Military Boots can be a real advantage on the job, and sometimes you need all the help you can get. Feet can always use a little extra advantage.
  • Women's Steel Toe Work Boots
  • Women's Steel Toe Hiking Boots
    • Women's Steel Toe Hiking Boots come in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit almost anyone's personal tastes. Whether you choose brown or black, low-cut or ankle-cut designs, it's a good choice to pick both steel-toed protection and soft, walk-friendly comfort.
    • Women's Steel Toe Hiking Boots are made to cushion steps and absorb impact without sacrificing foot flexibility. Even when they do all this, they protect your tender toes from harmful falling objects and damaging impact. These hiking boots aren’t just made for long-distance walking, but for all the dangers you might meet on the job.

Women's Steel Toe Shoes

No matter what your personal style may be, Women's Steel Toe Shoes can give you the look you want and the protection you need. Low-cut athletic, oxford and slip-on styles come in a wide selection of colors and looks, but they all have one important thing in common: they're all made to protect your feet from impact- and compression-resistance. The steel toes add protection and safety without compromising the casual, work-friendly designed. Women's Steel Toe Shoes are casual and easy to wear, but they're still safe enough for the job site.

  • Women's Steel Toe Athletic Shoes
    • When you prefer an athletic style safety shoe STP has an excellent variety of Women's Steel Toe Athletic Shoes. We carry several leading brands such as Nautilus, Converse and Carolina to name a few. STP has the safety toe you're looking for whether it be steel, composite, or possibly aluminum. Depending on your needs, the sporty styles we carry offer a variety of comfort features through sole and insole designs.
    • Several shoes also have added safety features like being Static-Dissipative, Electrical Hazard rated and slip-resistant. Whatever your lifestyle demands of your footwear we're sure to have exactly what you need at STP.
  • Women's Steel Toe Oxford Shoes
    • Women's Oxfords are always in style. The trick is picking out the perfect style to fit your particular lifestyle. Check out our great selection of Women's Oxfords to find the perfect pair for work or casual wear.
    • You can choose from an ASTM-approved Steel or Composite Toe, and full-grain or Nubuc leather in a variety of colors. Our oxfords are manufactured with non-conductive electrical shock resistant soles and heels. The outsole is intended to provide you with a secondary source of electric shock resistance protection against the hazards from an incidental contact with live electrical circuits or electrically energized equipment.
    • Our oxfords feature a variety of moisture-wicking linings to keep your feet dry and comfortable, and many have removable footbeds for easy cleaning or replacement. Some of the oxfords on our web site, including the US Postal Certified Oxfords, feature a fiberglass shank. This shank is located in the sole of the shoe and provides arch support and stability. Whether you’re looking for a job-specific oxford, or an oxford for casual wear, you’ll find the best selection on our site.
  • Women's Steel Toe Slip-On Shoes
    • Throughout the long workdays. We offer a wide range of Women's Steel Toe Slip-On Shoes that allow easy on-'n-off for those who'd prefer to skip the extra step of laces. We carry a variety of shoes by leading manufacturers that are customer favorites and we have many different colors and designs to choose from.
    • We have ASTM-rated steel toe shoes but also a selection of non-metallic composite toe shoes<. Each shoe has different features in areas of comfort and protection in order to meet your personal preferences and safety requirements. Check out all that we have available in Women's Steel Toe Slip-On Shoes. Shop today with STP and you won't be disappointed tomorrow.

There are lots of little accessories which are made to complete your footwear experience. Whether you want to add more comfort, better traction, high-gloss shine or tough scuff-resistance, you'll find it here. Complete your steel toe shoes and boots with soft socks and insoles to comfort your steps, conditioner and shoe polish to preserve and protect the look of your leather, snow traction to keep your steps steady in icy conditions, or anything else you might need to finish off your footwear. With the right accessories, even the best footwear can always be better.

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