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Pressure Washers, Power Wash and Pressure Washing Supplies from Sun Brite Supply, including Pressure-Pro, Hose-Tract, Black Knight, Mosmatic, X-Jet, Honda, Dewalt, Steel Eagle, Big Guy, Maxima and Everything for the pressure wash professional!
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Sun Brite Supply
180-B Industrial Park Circle
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046
United States
Phone: 770-277-9924
33° 58' 0.6708" N, 83° 58' 54.0876" W
Pressure-Pro 120-VAC Vertical 8 GPM Hot Box
Black Knight Model 620 Pressure Washer Super Skid - meets the demands of professional pressure washers, has all the extra featur
Black Knight Model #420 Belt-Driven High Volume Cold Water Portable Power Washer with a GX630 Honda engine.
Pressure-Pro Pressure Washer, 4 GPM, 4000 PSI Direct Drive (E4040HG)
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Sun Brite Supply is a leading provider of value-rated products for the pressure wash industry, including pressure washers<, power washer trailer rigs, environmental cleaning systems (water capture<) and water recycling systems, parts for pressure washer maintenance, roof cleaning systems, and industrial-strength chemical cleaners. We sell fresh extra-strength bleach for mobile contract cleaners.

We also offer Ready Seal deck sealer, and Seal N Lock (an amazing paver and concrete sealer) as well as other outstanding sealing products and specialty sprayers for those sealers.

Sun Brite Supply offers everything from low-priced bundle packages of pressure washing equipment and pressure washing supplies for contractors to products and machines geared to the needs of Do-It-Yourselfers. If your project has anything to do with pressure washing, get it RIGHT from Sun Brite.

Why buy power washing equipment from a company that can’t repair it? We fix and maintain most makes of pressure washers, sprayers, surface cleaners, and airless sprayers.

We offer several trade education classes, manuals, and pressure washing seminars covering topics from basic cleaning to specialty services. We always provide full technical support to our customers on all of the 5,000 products we sell.

We understand that some property owners really enjoy working around their places, keeping everything in top shape. If you are one of these people, we know you don't want to settle for ordinary products and tools. You want the same kind of supplies the contractors buy - but not necessarily in the same quantity or concentration as a contractor might use.

Are you looking for better and stronger products than you typically find in big box warehouse stores? We have what you need! These products are contractor-grade, but packaged in single-job containers at lower concentrations for use by experienced Do-It-Yourselfers.

Looking for a new pressure washer?

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a new machine for your pressure washing company. Call and ask us for a copy of our Guide To Buying A Pressure Washer.

We feature Black Knight and Pressure Pro power washers< in our stores. Black Knights are built to our demanding specifications, with features like gray non-marking hoses, hour meters for tracking maintenance, EZ-Pull trigger guns, air inlet points for easier winterizing, and other little touches that help you get the most from your tools.

If you purchase one of our Black Knight pressure washers online, Sun Brite Supply will ship it to you FREE (under out normal terms for free freight). If you purchase your new Black Knight at one of our store locations, and that machine ever needs service, that Sun Brite Supply store will take 50% off any Labor charges for as long as you own your pressure washer. Most contractors end up replacing their first pressure washer with one equipped like a Black Knight!

Alongside our Black Knight equipment, we offer the full line of Pressure-Pro machines. These are some of the most rugged machines on the market, and one of the fastest growing preferred brands in the industry. We also shop for special deals that we can feature on a limited basis. These are all name-brand power washers at special prices that usually sell out quickly.

Whatever your pressure washing needs are, we have the right machine at the right price for you!

We are proud to offer the best quality and value in professional equipment, including budget-friendly pressure washers like Black Knight and Pressure-Pro power washers.

You can trust these pressure washer brands to be the the best equipment value, because we have walked in wet boots just like you and we know exactly what you are looking for.

If you don't see either a brand or design of pressure washer that you want, please take a moment to call us. We have dealership arrangements with most leading pressure washer brands and would be happy to give you a quote.

Direct Drive Cold Water Pressure Washers

Direct-drive pressure washers are the least expensive design to build, so their selling prices are very attractive to buyers. This design used for machines varying from the very smallest ones up to 4 GPM size.

In this design, the pump is connected directly to the engine (and therefore it spins at the same speed as the engine). Direct-drive pressure washers are the most popular design on the market.

Regular pump maintenance is important when you own any pressure washer for long life. With proper maintenance, you can expect many years of service from direct-drive pressure washers.

Belt Drive Cold Water Pressure Washers

Belt-driven pressure washers are the most durable design available. The pump is driven by a belt and pulley system and is isolated from the vibration and heat of the engine.

These belt-driven pumps spin at half the speed of the engine (or even less). The pumps on belt-drive power washers are physically larger so they hold more oil, too. These heavy-duty belt-drive cold water pressure washers are built to stand up to daily use by professional pressure washers for years and years.

Hot Boxes for Pressure Washers

A Hot Box is an inexpensive way to add hot water power to your cold water machine. These industrial-grade heaters are skid mounted, so it is easy to add to your existing trailer or van set-up.

If you need hot water on occasion - but not every day - this is a perfect answer. If you started with a cold water machine and it is time for you to have the power of hot water cleaning, this is the most inexpensive answer for your needs.

Available in either 12 VDC or 120 VAC configurations, you have complete flexibility with one of these hot boxes. Schedule 80 coils. #2 Diesel fuel is ideal for these units.

Pro-Jet Portable Drain Jetters

Pro-Jet Portable Drain JettersJetters are used to clean drain lines in a hurry!

Drain clogs are caused by things like built-up soap scum, tree roots, accumulated mineral deposits, dirt, hair, and grease. Slow drains are almost closed, and a jetter is the right tool to clean these lines fast, too.

At one time or another, all homeowners and commercial property owners will need this service. Restaurants in particular frequently need jetting to keep grease-prone drains running. Local governments often outsource these services to contractors, too.

With the right equipment, you can move into this specialty service. All you need is a low-pressure, high-volume pressure washer (with a pulsing flow feature) and the associated accessories.

The pressures needed to clean drain lines depend on the particular job, but usually range between 1500 and 4000 PSI. 2500 PSI is the most typical pressure used.

When buying a jetter, you should also buy a jetter hose. We offer you three sizes to choose from. The longer the jetter hose, the more likely you will be able to run a gasoline jetter outdoors while working on indoor drain lines. Hoses can be selected on the same page as the jetter you are choosing.

Pressure Washing Trailer Rigs

Trailer rigs for power washing can be either factory-built or shop-built. Factory-built trailers make extremely good use of every square inch of space, while shop-built trailers can be designed with all the extra space you need for other equipment. Most contractors prefer the flexibility of a shop-built custom rig.

Sun Brite Supply has an excellent reputation for building quality trailer rigs. We understand the science of balancing every trailer for proper tongue weight, whether the rig runs dry or wet. Sun Brite Supply uses a special tongue-weight scale to assure that the trailer is properly balanced. We are able to deliver any trailer rig, or you can save money by picking up your equipment at our shop in Lawrenceville, GA.

We also build complete closed-loop system rigs that allow you to collect and re-use your used water. Our trailer set-ups are just what you need to arrive in style and work like a Pro!

Based on the hundreds of trailers we've built, we have more than 20 'pre-designed' trailer set-ups. We pre-package the hardware, fittings, and equipment to minimize the time it takes to assemble each trailer - in order to keep prices at their lowest!

  • Among our 'pre-designed' trailers, we start with 8' trailers. These come with 165-gallon tanks and stacked HoseTract hose reels and your choice of any 4GPM to 5.5GPM hot water skid we sell. These are easy-to-maneuver single-axle trailers.
  • Next we offer our heavy-duty dual-axle 12' trailers with 525-gallon tanks and stacked hose reels. With these rigs you can select any 5.5GPM to 8GPM hot water skid we offer.
  • Finally, we offer extra-heavy-duty dual-axle 16' trailers with 525-gallon tanks and stacked hose reels. You can select any of eight different 5.5 GPM and 8 GPM hot water skids for these trailers. These big rigs are just right for contractors with lots of extra "stuff" (such as an environmental cleaning equipment).

We plumb with oversize lines and ball valves for operator convenience and excellent flow throughout your system.

Keep in mind that you cannot substitute anything on these 'pre-designed' trailer set-ups. If you want to substitute anything, remember that your trailer is no longer pre-packaged; it is now "custom". Please call in for a custom quote.

We can custom-design your hot water trailer to your exact specifications. You can specify anything you want and need to make your workday just fly by.

  • Tell us what power wash skid you would like to have, from 5 to 8 GPM.
  • Tell us what trailer length you are considering, from 8' to 16'.
  • Tell us what other equipment you will be carrying, so that we can be sure there is adequate space for your needs. Typical additions might include a vacuum system for capturing used wash water, additional tanks for chemicals or captured water, etc.

We will review your ideas and merge them with ours, so that you get exactly what you need. Sun Brite Supply is your One-Stop Shop for custom rigs, pressure wash and environmental cleaning equipment, cleaners, and sealers.

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