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Providing solar power to the Mid-Atlantic states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Washington, DC
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SunnyMac Solar Solutions
7B Medori Boulevard
Wilmington, Delaware 19807
United States
Phone: 302-482-2335
39° 42' 54.4284" N, 75° 33' 1.6848" W
Solar power in Maryland
Solar power in New Jersey
Solar power in Washington
Solar power in Delaware

Spoken Language: English

Business: Environment, Products and Services

Looking for a solar company in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania & Washington, DC? SunnyMac Solar is your turnkey provider of renewable energy, specializing in solar energy and solar heating systems. Recognized as a leading solar power company for residential and small commercial clients, our work extends beyond the initial installation of an energy system.

SunnyMac also helps you take full advantage of tax credits, federal incentives and Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, processing all the required paperwork for you to ensure maximum return on your investment. In an industry of constantly changing technology, SunnyMac is proud to offer the newest products and latest financial incentives for a solar energy system that best fits your needs.

Continually recommended by customers, rebate programs, utilities and inspectors, SunnyMac is full-service designer and installer of affordable, dependable solar photovoltaic renewable energy systems. SunnyMac also navigates all required paperwork and documentation for you, submitting permits, SRECs, valuable rebates and interconnection agreements with the utility company to ensure you take full advantage of all available financial incentives.

The technology in the renewable energy industry is dynamic, and we are constantly evaluating new technology, products and manufacturers to offer more opportunities to the environmentally conscious public. SunnyMac goal is to make your solar system installation a pleasure from start to finish.

SunnyMac's solar installation Process<


Our process always begins with a free site evaluation of your home or business, where a SunnyMac Solar-certified installer will determine the solar potential of your roof space and explain the financial benefits of your solar power system.


After the assessment, you will receive a report listing recommended measures based on your budget and savings needs, along with an explanation of financial incentives available to help you pay for the recommended improvement work.

Design and Installation<

SunnyMac’s installers are located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, so projects can be completely installed within a few weeks of your initial phone call. We use proven technology that fits your requirements for the best-performing, longest-lasting, and best-looking PV system available.

Document Submission<

Once your installation is complete, we facilitate all paperwork for financial paybacks. We’ll process required documentation for permits, SRECs, valuable rebates and interconnection agreements with the utility company.

Continuous Monitoring<

SunnyMac uses state of the art web-based monitoring that automatically emails us if any problems occur. The software will also tell you the daily, monthly and total energy generated.

A SunnyMac solar energy system will greatly reduce both your energy costs and your carbon footprint; but it can also earn you money. In fact, a typical solar power system has a return on investment of 10 to 15%. You can also offset the cost of installation with the many state and federal financial incentives encouraging solar energy usage.

 Federal Incentives<

As a homeowner, you are eligible for a 30% residential tax credit off cost of a solar system installation. If you are a business owner, you can obtain a 30% commercial tax credit off cost of a renewable energy installation, and 85% of the Solar Project deductible.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC)<

An SREC is a clean energy credit issued in the form of a tradable certificate; whenever a solar power system generates 1000kWh of power, the system owner earns one SREC. These certificates can then be sold by the solar panel owner to state electric suppliers to meet the solar RPS requirement.

Solar Panels<

Lumos is a light-weight, high-power panel. Supplying 250 watts of DC power, it utilizes space effectively, and at 41.9 pounds, its durable with a sleek, stream-lined design, turning the sun's rays into DC power.


The Enphase Energy M215 is the world's most efficient microinverter, transferring the DC power generated from the panel directly in to the AC power used by your home, business or organization.

SunnyMac Solar Systems<

  • Photovoltaic solar panels (PV panels) installed on your roof collect and convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC) electricity.
  • An inverter converts the DC electricity into an Alternating Current (AC) suitable for powering all major appliances.
  • A monitoring system analyzes your PV panel performance to ensure you’re getting optimum electrical usage.
  • If your usage is higher than the supply available from the panels, your system will pull from the existing electrical network so you don’t lose power.
  • If your solar panel system produces more electricity than you use, the system exports it to the electrical network and earns you money!

Take advantage of what clean, renewable solar energy can do not just for the planet but for your pocket. In an industry of constantly changing technology, SunnyMac is proud to offer the newest products and latest financial incentives for a solar energy system that best fits your needs.

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