Should Your Company Switch to a Smaller Energy Company

Should Your Company Switch to a Smaller Energy Company

There are over 70 different energy companies operating in the UK right now, which gives businesses more choices and bargaining power. Still, a large portion of businesses are still with one of the big six despite the growing number of competitors. For some reason, a lot assume that going for a bigger company is better for them, but every year, smaller companies are rated higher than major ones on various factors. That’s why you should at least consider other options if you’re trying to cut your energy costs. Should you make the switch to a smaller energy company?

Customers Prefer Medium to Small Companies

According to surveys, customers are on average more satisfied with what they’re getting from medium and small companies. People who deal with medium suppliers in particular were more likely to recommend their services to someone else, more likely to give their supplier a higher rating on all aspects they were surveyed on, and report general satisfaction. As a matter of fact, there was a 13% gap between people who said they were either satisfied or very satisfied between medium and big electricity company customers.

Better Customer Service

What stood apart is also how satisfied people were with the customer service with smaller companies. Medium companies were said to handle customer issues better, and were better at offering solutions while giving advice on how to save. Small companies also did very well, and stood out for billing clarity, which is something a lot of bigger companies struggle with. They were also said to offer greater value for money by many participants.

Are There Any Risks?

The worst thing that could happen when going for an alternative energy supplier is that it goes belly up. But still, it won’t be much of an issue for your business. You don’t have to worry about your electricity being cut off since the Ofgem will automatically appoint an alternative supplier for you. A competitive process will be used to decide which supplier it’ll be.

How to Make the Transition

Switching to another supplier is pretty straightforward. The trick is trying to find the best one. For one, you should check those who offer the best deals on business gas.

One easy way that you could do this is to use a business gas comparison site and check out multiple quotes for many companies. They will search for the best deals among big, medium, and small gas and electricity companies so you can start looking at a few stand outs. Then you could do your research on each company and see what kind of track record and reputation they have with businesses. You can narrow down the list and go with the ones that offer the best benefits for your company.

Given the sheer number of electrical companies available today, it would be wise to at least explore the option and look around. There’s nothing to lose, and this could actually be a great bargaining chip if you’re trying to renegotiate terms with your current company.

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