Tips and tricks for having clean and durable carpets

Tips and tricks for having clean and durable carpets

Even if you think you keep your homes clean and tidy, carpet cleaning would be necessary very soon. If you have a pet or children in your home, deep carpet cleaning can be a good idea every year or so.

Don’t just trust on TV commercials about cheep carpet cleaning companies. Because many of such offer not standard services. Carpet cleaning company must pay a visit to your carpet, rug or furniture to give you a total cost.

Mind the fact that over the phone quotes may not be accurate as they can not consider your particular needs. Every household has different situation whether its children, pets or messy hobbies or even parties, carpet visiting is a must.

Professional predicament extraction is what most of the carpet manufacturers recommend, as it’s the fist cleaning method for synthetic carpets. Even though mentioned as steam cleaning often, there wont be any steam involved. The rug or carpet is pretreated with some detergents, washed out with hot water and vacuumed out afterwards.

If this process is done correctly there wont e any detergents left and your rug or carpet is deep cleaned. This normally charges you $250 to $600 per square feet of carpet. With this price you would think of renting a carpet cleaning machine and wash the carpet yourself.

But keep in mind that you only will clean the carpets surface and allergens, dust and greasy residues will be left in your carpet, therefore we recommend trusting on us. We in Momentum Carpet & Floor Care, LLC have specialized equipment and trained staff to deep clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months.

Momentum Carpet & Floor Care, LLC., offers customers reasonable prices and standard carpet cleaning services.

Clean your carpet before its too late.

It means depend on the type of your carpet traffic you have got (kids, pets, parties , etc). Clean the carpet when its color changes. Leaving it like that until the carpet is filthy , cleaning will be more expensive and difficult.

How to clean stains and high traffic areas

Mix detergents and water and spray it on stains and high traffic areas. Eave for 5 to 10 mins and clean it with a et towel.

Vacuum well before and after the cleaning

To get rid of dusts and soil particles vacuum before cleaning and after cleaning when your carpet is completely dry to get rid of detergents residue

Remove any heavy furniture

You your furniture, bed, etc is to heavy to move or maneuver, put some wooden blocks under furniture legs to stop rust stains from transferring to carpet

Don’t use too much of water

DIY machines put a lot of moisture in to the carpet, and most of these machines don’t have strong section to extract moisture throughout your carpet. So over wetting your carpet will damage your carpet.

Let your carpet dry completely

Wet carpet is a good environment for mold. After cleaning your carpet open the windows or turn on AC or fan for 12 hours.

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