Tips to help you hire the best catering company in Singapore

Tips to help you hire the best catering company in Singapore

The favorite part of attending any event is always the food. Nothing wraps up an event better than indulging in a great buffet that not only looks great but also scrumptious. The quality, flavor and appearance of food has the power to make or break an event.

If you are holding a birthday party or organizing a huge corporate event and you have no time to cook, that is when catering Singapore comes handy. With the help of professional caterer hosting any event becomes much easier, you can be a guest at your own party and leave all the logistics of the job that may cause frustrations in the hands of a caterer.

This takes away the worry of how the food will be prepared, how the rooms will be decorated or who will clean up the party area after the guests leave. However with hundreds of catering companies in Singapore offering different catering services at varying prices, it can be quite difficult to determine which one will work best for you.

Well, this should not be a problem anymore. This article outline some tips that will help you hire the best caterer for your event in Singapore.

Check the responsiveness and the personal interest of the caterer to your needs

How interested and responsive the caterer is during your conversations indicates how he or she will perform the job. Most caterers claim to have the best tasting meals made with fresh ingredients at an affordable price but returning calls and replying emails is as important as the quality of food.

Dinner table

A caterer who is keen to keep contact with you all the time means that he is truly concerned and will do anything to ensure that you are pleased with the service.

A potential caterer should learn as much as they can about you during your initial conversations, therefore, you should expect them to talk more and ask many question. They should ask about your budget, goals, purpose and your theme. This shows that they are really interested in your event.

Check the ability of the caterer to handle your type of event

Most caterers can service a broad range of events but they service certain markets more effectively than others, therefore, it is important to check if they have the kind of experience to cater for your event.

Some caterers will admit openly that they are not perfect in certain event while others will not, therefore it is upon you to determine if the caterer you are about to hire can handle your event effectively. Check their previous work and ensure that you ask them directly during the interview.

Caterer to handle your type of event

Also, be specific about the type of event you are holding, the food as well as the presentation you will want otherwise, you may end up with a caterer that cannot deliver exactly what you want for your event.

Check the flexibility regarding menu options

Nearly every caterer has standard menus for you to choose from and some provide some level of flexibility allowing you to change the menus to suit your specific needs by substituting some items and customizing others.

A good caterer who has been in the market for a long time has different menu options that is regularly updated to keep up with the latest trends but an an exceptional caterer will go beyond the standard menu options and will be willing to customize meals to match each theme as well as dietary needs.

Baby Full Month

If a caterer is not willing to challenge its staff or change the menu in order to meet your needs, it should be a red flag.

The perfect caterer should also handle special requests; ask them if they can include a certain family recipe you love or if they can work with certain special items in significance to your theme? Or can they prepare children’s meals, kosher, vegan or vegetarian meals for your guests?

All these questions are important in determining if the caterer is willing and able to accommodate you.

A Well-Defined Cancellation Plan

No sane caterers enters into a contract without a plan bail out at the last minute but just to be safe, you should ensure the contract has a cancellation clause in case the caterer needs to cancel the contract for any reason.

Find out if you will get a full refund of your deposit and if they will refer you to other catering company so that you are not left stranded hours before the event.

Ask for references you can talk to

Checking up on the caterer you are considering to hire is very important. Start by checking their online reviews but do not stop there as not all online reviews are authentic. Track some of the caterer’s past clients, contact them and conduct your own due diligence.

Do not just rely on what the caterer tells you, do some more research to ensure that you are hiring a reliable person.

Check insurance

Any reputable catering company has a liability insurance to protect them and keep you from dealing with any expenses in case anything happens and it was not insured properly.

Lack of a liability insurance should be a red flag and you should walk away from such a catering company.

Check the experience of the chef and the kitchen staff

How long a catering company has been in business is not vital when selecting the ideal caterer. The length of time in catering does not translate into tasty and great meals. Since it is the kitchen staff and the chef that prepares the meals their experience and background is more important than the company’s years of operation.

Therefore, ensure that you check the chef’s CV and bona fides because he is more responsible for the meal’s outcome and whether the guest will enjoy or not.

At Eatz Catering, are specialist when it comes catering services. We have the capacity to cater for both big and small functions and customize our services to suit your theme and style perfectly. Our experienced chefs have created refined menus that can be customized to suit all occasions and taste. We also regularly update our menu to accommodate the ever changing needs of our clients in Singapore.

If you have an upcoming event, allow us to make it memorable by providing top notch catering services for your special occasion.

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