UN-I-SHIELD ROOF COATING : A petroleum-based roof coating for asphalt shingles and asphalt flat roofs. A Green product for...


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A petroleum-based roof coating for asphalt shingles and asphalt flat roofs. A Green product for revolutionizing the roofing industry. UN-I-SHIELD it and forget about it.
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You have a choice! You can re-roof, or you can UNISHIELD that roof! UNISHIELD it and forget about it! No more loose granules in your gutters! No more loose granules in your landscaping! No more loose granules, ever again! oh and by the way, it's made in the U.S.A.

The granules on your shingles serve as your home's first layer of protection against the elements. They protect the asphalt layer of your shingles from breakdown caused by wind, rain, sun, and extreme weather. Once the granules are gone, they are gone forever. The result can be extremely costly for you, the homeowner.

The dark streaks you often see on asphalt shingle roofs are caused by the breakdown of the asphalt. Once the asphalt begins to break down, rain washes it down your roof and you are left with ugly black streaks. The black streaks indicate that your asphalt shingles are breaking down and are no longer protecting the underlying layers (the mat and roof deck) as well as they once did. This can lead to severe damage to the underlying layers, the mat and roof decking. Once that happens, you are likely to face extremely expensive roof repair.

What is a roof coating?<

A roof coating consists of a polymeric binder blended with pigments and other additives to provide two main benefits:

  • Protection of roof membranes, for longer roof life cycles;
  • Reflectivity of solar radiation, for lower air conditioning costs.

Why choose a roof coating?<

Roof coatings are applied on a variety of roof substrates or membranes for a variety of reasons. For example, white roof coatings provide protection against water, chemicals, or physical damage.

Additionally, white roof coatings protect a roof against excessive temperatures and UV radiation by reflecting visible light and stopping ultraviolet radiation. UN-I-SHEILD ROOF COATING offers a reflective roof coating in black as well as white. UN-I-SHIELD NOW OFFERS A ROOF COATING IN CLEAR TRANSPARENT!

What are the benefits of roof coatings?<

Roof coatings provide 4 key attributes as part of a roofing system:

  • The ability to help shed water and keep interiors dry;
  • The ability to help reduce cooling costs for buildings with A/C units, and to help reduce interior temperatures on buildings with no cooling units.
  • The ability to protect and prolong the roof system life cycle by reducing the “thermal shock” stress associated with large temperature changes.
  • UN-I-SHIELD ROOF COATING also adds an additional layer of protection against hail storm damages (testing underway)

What types of roofing membranes can be coated with roof coatings?<

UN-I-SHIELD ROOF COATINGS can be applied to practically any ASPHALT-BASED roofing surface. It is important to establish compatibility between the coating and the underlying roof membrane.

They are commonly applied to asphalt shingles or sprayed polyurethane roofs to provide waterproofing. White coatings can be applied to metal roofs, single-ply rubber roofs and modified bitumen and built-up roofs.

When are primers or base coats necessary?<

Correct surface preparation is vital on roofing substrates to readily accept and enhance the adhesion of reflective roof coatings. It is best to consult the manufacturer for details on roof primers used in conjunction with applications to specific substrates.

Primers are typically used to enhance adhesion, prevent bleed through of substrate contaminants and to inhibit or convert rusted surfaces. UN-I-SHIELD ROOF COATING does not require a primer when applied to asphalt shingles and a primer is not recommended.

What properties should be considered when selecting a roof coating?<

The key criteria for selecting a roof coating for a specific installation are:

  • Compatibility with the roof substrate
  • Conformance with local regulations and building codes
  • Qualification for available state, local, or federal rebate
  • Requirement for professional application
  • Reflectivity and emissivity values for the product

How are white roof coatings applied?<

Application of roof coatings is typically accomplished with the use of a roller, brush or with conventional airless spray equipment. The user should consult with either the coating manufacturer or airless spray manufacturer for guidance on proper equipment and tip sizes.

What skill level is necessary for installation?<

General roofing knowledge is integral for the use of this material. These materials are typically the consistency of a heavy paint type product. Experience in the use of the application of petroleum-based coatings in exterior environments is helpful.

Should you consider a coating on a NEW roof?<

All compatible new roofs have the option of applying a roof coating in order to reduce heat loads to roof surfaces that are not reflective as well protecting the newly applied roof which will extend its service life. Some roof membrane manufacturers extend the roof membrane warranty when a roof coating is applied over the newly installed product. UN-I-SHIELDS' 13-06 CLEAR coating is a great option for preserving the condition of a new roof.

UN-I-SHIELD roof coatings are used over a variety of roof surfaces, membranes and roof systems. The information contained herein is intended as a general guide for use and application. UN-I-SHIELD ROOF COOATING provides this information as a guide to assist the user in making an informed decision on the correct use of roof coatings.

UNISHIELD ROOF COATING locks the granules to the asphalt layer permenantly, so you never have to worry about granules in your gutters, sidewalks, or landscape. You will never have to worry about the breakdown of the asphalt layer and the ugly black streaks! Most importantly your shingles will be protected, which means that your home will be protected for an additional 10 years guaranteed.


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