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Private Investment Banking for Entrepreneurs, Boutique Investment Bank. Focused on Assisting Owners of Private, Entrepreneurial Companies
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Jason N. Wilcox
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The Wilcox Group Office
433 E. Las Colinas Blvd Suite 1200
Irving, Texas 75039
United States
32° 51' 45.3276" N, 96° 56' 2.7672" W

Spoken Language: English

Business: Financial Services, Investment Banks

Boutique investment bank providing sophisticated merger and acquisition and corporate finance advisory services to companies in the energy, industrial and business/technology services sectors.

We are a boutique investment bank passionate about helping owners of private, entrepreneurial, middle market businesses achieve their strategic and financial objectives.

We provide sophisticated financial advice related to mergers and acquisitions, capital raises and general corporate finance matters for companies in the energy, industrials and business and technology services sectors.

We achieve superior results by providing personal individualized service, senior level expertise honed at major Wall Street investment banks, innovative deal strategies and rigorous transaction execution. Simply, we help clients achieve success by maximizing their firm's value, accelerating growth, and ultimately, creating wealth - one client at a time.

If your company is at a critical point and you need thoughtful, candid advice, contact us. The Wilcox Group has the experience, expertise, and contacts to deliver results.

Why Are The Wilcox Group So Passionate About Serving Owners of Privately Held Businesses?

  • After working for a major Wall Street investment bank, Mr. Wilcox recognized that few middle market business owners receive high quality financial advice. Mr. Wilcox started The Wilcox Group to offer a sophisticated approach based on deep experience and transactional expertise.
  • Second, most U.S. mid-market business owners are part of the Baby Boom generation. Demographic trends point to a large exodus from their businesses over the next 10-15 years. These owners need professional assistance.
  • Third, is a personal story. Years ago, when Mr. Wilcox was in college, his family sold their business - the wrong way. They used no professional assistance and entered into a transaction lacking good advice. Mr. Wilcox is well aware that business owners have much at stake, both financially and personally, and generally have only one opportunity to complete a transaction successfully. The Wilcox Group wants all to receive the best advice they can.

The Wilcox Group Core Principles

The Wilcox Group guiding principles blend expertise with the cornerstone entrepreneurial traits of enthusiasm, optimism, intensity, and hard work.

  • Identify Client Goals
    • Every client and every deal is unique. We take time to listen, identify, understand and clarify the goals and develop an effective strategy to accomplish them.
  • Provide Personal Attention and Commitment
    • Provide a high level of personal attention, responsiveness, and proactive management guiding clients through every phase of the transaction.
  • Execute Well
    • Skillfully execute each transaction based on experience and technical knowledge.
  • Be Candid
    • Offer direct, independent, honest, unbiased counsel.
  • Do It Right, Fulfill Commitments and Deliver Results
    • Uphold the highest level of integrity and ethical standards – no shortcuts – and fulfill commitments while achieving the desired results.

How The Wilcox Group Help Clients? By Delivering Superior Results.

The Wilcox Group clients seek an experienced, enthusiastic, and candid advisor that delivers a high level of personal attention, transaction expertise and superior results. We create solutions that fulfill our clients' strategic, financial and personal objectives.

  • Execution Expertise Results in Highest Price, Best Terms and Multiple Deal Alternatives
    • The Wilcox Group execution expertise and streamlined transaction process generates competition among buyers and investors. This lets clients evaluate all deal alternatives simultaneously, remaining confident they have achieved the highest price and most favorable terms.
  • Extensive Contacts Ensures Client Transactions are Reviewed by the Right Parties
    • The Wilcox Group nationwide network of institutional capital sources includes more than 500 private equity groups, representing roughly $1 trillion in buying power, and over 75 senior and subordinated lenders. In addition, we have numerous relationships with strategic buyers, corporate executives, attorneys, accountants, and wealth management advisors who focus on the middle market.
  • Capital Markets Intelligence Ensures Deal Terms are Favorable
    • The Wilcox Group provide current capital markets intelligence regarding business valuation, deal structures, terms, transaction timing, and buyer/investor appetite.
  • Proactive Transaction Management Allows Clients to Focus on What They Do Best; Operate their Business
    • The Wilcox Group proactively and efficiently manage the entire transaction allowing management to concentrate on operating and growing the company.

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