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Open up the global market through standardized tools for CCIs... increase exposure & sales and lower cost for dynamic, entrepreneurial and growing businesses.
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Operations & Office of the Chairman
2 rue de Viarmes
Paris, Paris - Ile-de-France 75001
48° 51' 45.6732" N, 2° 20' 32.5248" E

Spoken Language: English, French

Business: Directories, International Business and Trade

The World Chambers Network (WCN), a unique, fast-growing and vital business tool. The WCN portal officially links the virtual online commerce space to the dynamic and only truly global physical business network of over 14,000 registered Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) that in turn represent over 40 million member businesses worldwide.

Chambers, which are either 'private' or 'public' bodies depending on their location, can trace their roots back over thousands of years, and the term 'chamber of commerce' has been in continuous use since 1599...yet beyond history, the WCN global portal is about delivering the best modern set of online program applications and services.

Specifically, the WCN global portal serves three primary constituencies:

  • :::. Businesses (all sizes, w/special focus on small & midsize enterprises)
  • :::. Chambers of Commerce and Industry (including boards of trade)
  • :::. Economic Development Agencies and related public sector / NGO bodies

The WCN is a federative consortium which allows you to benefit of our capacity to "think global and act local". In practice, this involves services for CCIs, businesses and business-related agencies through a variety of online applications with common global standards (where it makes sense to do so), and ease-of-use.

Far from one-size-fits-all, the services can be employed to enhance the individuality of a region and access to a local market - or create unique clusters of chambers and businesses. Other tools serve as 21st century affinity programs for CCIs and their business members. The WCN also hosts the only official :: global CCI Directory

The WCN is the chamber portal for international trade and offers key :: trust, verification & business IP protection services

The WCN is your key to being a successful business in the 21st century. Our global network helps companies of all sizes expand their regional, national and worldwide markets through increased exposure, the global chamber branded and secured, electronic commerce. Through your local Chamber of Commerce and its trust mark and various other services, your business will find new trade opportunities and partners worldwide.

WCN's mission:

Open up the global market through standardized tools for CCIs... increase exposure & sales and lower cost for dynamic, entrepreneurial and growing businesses.

The WCN:

helps to foster open and comprehensive exchange of business information on companies, products, services, markets and resources.

establishes an electronic commerce network that links CCIs, companies and their customers around the world.

enables each participating CCI to serve as a unique content provider and become an electronic commerce facilitator for its locale - the local onramp to electronic commerce which literally connects the virtual world with the physical world, supported by a variety of services, such as local verification.

Main objectives of the WCN

  • offer 'one stop shopping' for international trade oriented companies looking for CCI services.
  • design and/or host new chamber and business services, adapted to the needs of small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) on the global market
  • develop and/or host "trusted third party" activities that are vital to the e-commerce world, including information validation, seal programs, electronic signature certification, secure repositories with notarization, legal templates, and applied Research and Development for SMEs.
  • foster useful and applied R+D for independent businesses, in cooperation with post-secondary institutions and through institutes such as the Global Enterprise Innovations and Commerce Center (GEICC).

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